Using Timeline Figures to Teach History

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

History can be an amazing subject to teach, but sometimes the amazement can get lost by feeling so disconnected from it. How can we help our kids to appreciate an event or important person from hundreds of years ago? Taking a more hands-on approach is always a great place to start!

For our history lessons this year, we are using timeline figures from Homeschool in the Woods. As we learn about American history, we will be using their Timeline Set: America’s History (Explorers to 21st Century). So far, we’ve been loving it! 

The way we are using this timeline set is by printing them out and putting them in a timeline book. This allows them to not only learn more about a specific event/person, but also see where that lines up with the rest of history! It;s such a helpful tool for seeing the bigger picture and gaining a better grasp on the order in which events happened. We also love that it’s something we can go back to time and time again!

Using Timeline Figures for Your Timeline Book

The timeline set we received from Homeschool in the Woods is an online download with several options. They have smaller pictures with or without additional information, and then the same pictures made larger with or without additional information. The smaller ones have been great to use in the timeline books for a detailed look at who/what we are studying without it becoming too cluttered.

The larger pictures are awesome too! As you are learning about a particular area of history, you can print these larger pictures out to hang on the wall for an easy reference as you go. You could even create your own timelines along the wall for a bigger look at how things happened!

Kids are extremely visual AND appreciate hands-on approaches to things. These timeline sets by Homeschool in the Woods are a perfect way to tap into both of those. 

To use these sets, all you have to do is download and print! It couldn’t be any easier, and then you have access to them for use over and over again. The ways your family can come up with to use these neat little timeline sets is endless! 

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