Using Music to Help Kids Learn

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Finding creative ways to teach your kids is one of the best parts of homeschooling. We can find what resonates with them outside of the typical classroom experience. Our family recently found a method that we all enjoy and works amazingly- learning with music! 

It makes so much sense when you think about how easily we are able to remember catchy songs. But I hadn’t made the connection between school and music until I found Cross Seven Ventures – Homeschool Musical Memory Tool. Now that we’ve been able to try this amazing program out, I can’t imagine our schooldays not having a large focus on musical lessons!

Cross Seven Musical Memory Work

Cross Seven is a Christian program for homeschool families to use music as a memory tool for kids. They cover nine different subjects, each having their own set of four cycles with 28 of weekly videos to watch. Your kiddos can use these videos to learn about english, math, Scripture, hymns, science, timeline, history, geography, and even Latin! It’s an incredible amount of information included in this subscription. 

The way they have this curriculum designed is to focus on one week at a time for your kids to review and absorb the information throughout the week. You can simply set them up with whatever week they’re on, and get the videos started! Could not be any easier.

As a mom with younger children that can sometimes get needy right when we’re in the middle of schoolwork, I so appreciated the wiggle room these videos allowed us. I could tend to the needs of the baby, or he could join in, as pictured below of my oldest and youngest dancing to the hymns! Even with it allowing for a more hands-off approach from parents if needed, I was surprised at how much easier my daughter could absorb the information by adding fun melodies to the lessons!

Using Music to Help Kids Learn |

Using Music for Memory Retention

In our time using this program, my 5-year-old has been able to learn the hymn Doxology and start on another one, memorize some longer bible verses, learn about Creation and early history, and so much more! I’m especially amazed at her ability to retain seemingly mundane facts. And the hymns have been so fun for my family to learn!

Cross Seven also has hand motions to pair with the different video lessons. Hand motions are a huge help in remembering songs, so that further adds to memory retention! My daughter loved the fun and easy little motions and then using them when brought up in the actual videos. 

Using Music to Help Kids Learn |

In addition to the songs and hand motions, they also offer quizzes and other fun links to keep kids engaged. The quizzes were especially helpful for us at first to get my daughter from just having fun and enjoying the videos, to really paying attention and working to remember what she saw. They aren’t super challenging quizzes, but just a helpful way to guide them along and see what they’ve learned. 

Overall, we’ve been so happy with our subscription to the first cycle of Cross Seven. It’s enjoyable for everyone to listen to and my 5-year-old has really loved using it as a learning tool. To see others’ experiences with this program, head over to the Homeschool Review Crew for more!

Using Music to Help Kids Learn |

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