Trick or treat alternatives

Trick or Treat Alternatives to Do at Home

Looking for some trick or treat alternatives to do at home this year?

Fall will be here before we know it! I’m already starting to plan out my kiddos costumes because my MIL makes them every year. But who knows if we’ll even have anywhere to wear them!

Some may be comfortable carrying on normal trick or treating plans, but depending on the area it might not be an option anyway. Even if it is, your neighbors may not be willing to participate! Even though that friendly elderly lady around the corner loves to see all the cute costumes, don’t be surprised if she passes on interacting with dozens of little germ goblins this year. 

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That leaves us with making our own fun at home. But no worries! I’ve got some great little games for you to play with your kids so they don’t feel like they’re missing out too much. Bonus is that you can pick all the good candy your family actually likes instead of whatever those weird hard candies are…

The good news is I’ve made it easier than ever! Pretty much all you’ll need for these activities are the printables I’ve included below and some candy (or other treats). Here’s a few fun trick or treat alternatives for your family to try out this year:

Trick or Treat Game

Trick or Treat Game >> Halloween at Home Alternatives |

This is a classic game where your kids can either get a treat, or they can get a treat. Haha. I mean that’s the whole point of Halloween, right?

Ok, but really. The printable below has 2.5 pages of paper slips for you to cut out and put into a bowl, pumpkin basket, cauldron, whateva! Mix them all up and take turns picking a piece of paper out.

The ones that say “treat” on them earn the picker a piece of candy or whatever you have set as the treat. The other ones have silly actions on them that the kids have to complete in order to get their treat. So basically they get treats either way, but this turns it into a game and is sure to provide some laughs!

(Sidenote: does treat not look like a word anymore to you? Just me?? Haha ok, anyway…)

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Halloween Scavenger Hunt >> Trick or Treat Alternatives |

Let the scavenging for goodies begin! This silly game gets the kids moving around to make up for not being able to walk around the neighborhood. They follow the clues around the house and end up with a prize at the end that can be a basket full of goodies or whatever you’d like!

Just print out the scavenger hunt printable and cut out the clues. You can put them in any order you want, just be sure to put them in a sequence that makes sense! I also included some blank cards in case you want to make your own for unique areas in the house.

If you are doing this with little kids, the clues should be easy enough if you put them in an obvious spot. But they were also made vague enough that you could tuck them away quite well to keep older kids entertained for longer. For example, one indicates to look at the lights, but doesn’t say which room the light is in! 

The prize is indicated on the card leading to the kiddo’s bedroom. That should be open-ended enough to give you a lot of options for hiding. Plus, if you have multiple kids they can all head off to their own rooms to search!

Monster Hunt

Monster Hunt >> Trick or Treat Alternatives |

Egg hunts are so Easter, right? Wrong!! This monster hunt has all the fun of an Easter hunt, while still staying true to the Halloween theme.

Print and cut out the monsters on the printable below. I suggest taping them to leftover Easter eggs, but it’s not necessary. Hide them all around the house for your kids to find, and be sure to tuck in a little candy for them to find with each monster.

There are 10 monsters on the printable, so if you want to make it a bigger egg hunt then just print out two or three copies. If it’s a nice day out and you can hide them in the backyard, even better!

Hopefully this gives you some fun trick or treat alternatives for this coming Halloween. We will definitely be doing all 3 of these, because why not?! Kids love games and candy, so it’s pretty much a win-win. Let me know if you try any of them out!

**Update** To make it easier than ever, I’ve simply included the link below, rather than having to sign up first. I hope these printable games bring some joy to your kiddos this holiday!

Get your FREE Halloween Printables HERE!

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Trick or Treat Alternatives |

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    1. Haha I know it’s still early! Figured I’d get a head start on sharing our plans in case other people want to try it out too 🙂

      1. So sorry that I’m just seeing this now, Sarah! I had updated it to include the link right in the post instead instead of having to sign up, I hope you were able to get them in time!

    1. Hi Megan! Soon after the Monster Hunt there is a section to subscribe and have the printables sent to your email 🙂 Please let me know if you have any issues getting them!

        1. Shontae I am so sorry I didn’t see this until today! I had changed it to just having the link in the post rather than a sign up, I hope you were able to get the printables in time!

  1. I can’t seem to find where I sign up for the printables. Please help! Would love to do this for our family. Thank you in advance!

    1. Hey Trisha! Under the Monster Hunt section you should see a place to subscribe. Just fill out the form to have the prints sent to your email! 🙂

  2. Can’t wait to try these. We (the adults- parents and grandparents) are having fun planning the alternative in conjunction with a birthday 4 days before. Thank you.

  3. Thank you so much for these great ideas! I have 3 sons and I don’t intend to bring them for ToT in the neighbourhood. We’ll just stay home, but I’ll prep for these activities.

  4. Hi Christine!

    Just want to thank you for your quick response regarding the printables! Can’t wait to try them out. Happy Halloween to you and your family as well. Stay safe 😉

  5. Just sent an email! I couldn’t figure out where to request the printables but I would love to do these activities!

  6. This is perfect for someone like me who has realized last minute I need to plan something fun for Saturday!
    Thank you!!

  7. These were AWESOME! We didn’t trick or treat this year and just did all of this, and my kids said it was the best Halloween ever! Thanks for the great ideas.

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