The Most Effective Time Management Tips for SAHM Bloggers

Have you been considering blogging but have no clue how to make time for it? I got you, mama! This isn’t what I usually blog about, but with so many people in new economic situations, I wanted to share my own experiences and hopefully encourage this as an option! So today I’m sharing my top time management tips for SAHM bloggers (or to-be-bloggers)!

It can seem crazy to consider adding something else to your plate with how full your days already are. Let me first explain why I choose to do it, and you can decide if blogging seems like the right thing for you at this time! If not– better to decide that upfront and not waste the time + money, right? 

Why Start a Blog When I’m Already So Busy?

I’ve been blogging for about a year and a half now. I hemmed and hawed about it for awhile because I felt like, what did I have to add that isn’t already out there a million times over? But HOW I approach things IS different than other people, and that’s where the individuality comes in. That’s the part that will get you faithful readers who enjoy your style of writing.

I was really looking for two things from blogging. 1) to have a creative outlet that I enjoyed and 2) to make some money, of course! As much as I truly do enjoy blogging, I’m not entirely sure if I could justify the extra time it takes in my day if I wasn’t planning to make money from it. Thankfully I’ve been able to fulfill both goals!

The Most Effective Time Management Tips for SAHM Bloggers |

Since starting this journey, I’ve been able to continue improving my writing skills, focus on topics I love (craftin’ and mommin’), work on skills I had no prior experience in but have come to love– such as photography! I just upgraded to a big girl camera for Mother’s Day and it has been awwwwwesome.

This is all in addition to the money I earn every month through my blog!

Convinced? Awesome, Let’s Do This!

If you feel like writing is a creative outlet you would enjoy, I highly suggest you consider trying out a blog. There are free versions to get your feet wet, but if you also have a goal of making some money, paying the low-cost for web hosting is seriously a necessity.

I use Bluehost for my web hosting and have been super happy with them. And mama, I know you might not have a ton of money to spend on this (I didn’t). So by using my special link you get an extra discount, bringing the starting cost down to only $2.95/month!

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Once you feel committed to the idea of blogging in general, you might still think it’s impossible to make time for it with little ones. Only you know what you ultimately have the time and energy for, but I want to share the time management tips that have worked for me as a SAHM blogger! These tips have allowed me to run a successful blog while also being fully present for my kiddos as well.

1. Plan, plan, plan!

Did I mention you have to plan? Lol! Truly I believe this is the most important way to be productive when working from home. For now, I’m only referring to planning for your blog goals. We’ll talk further down about how to schedule them into your day.

Days home with kids can be unpredictable, to say the least. When opportunity strikes, you have to know exactly what you needed to accomplish that day so you can get right to it! This is where having clear-cut goals, and all the steps leading up to those goals, is absolutely paramount.

I have several different ways I plan for my blog. I like to project out at least a month or two what I want to post each week. Then I have a to-do list for the next several posts I need to complete, put in the order they need to be done. THEN I pick a few things off that list to do each day. 

The Most Effective Time Management Tips for SAHM Bloggers PLUS a free blog planner |

It might sound crazy, but it’s really not once you get a system going! Along with a bunch of other freebie goodness, I have a printable planner for you to snag below. I’ll also circle back to this point and go into more detail on the different ways I plan and the specifics for what I am planning!

I encourage you to check out the planner below, or find one that you love! Of all the time management tips for SAHM bloggers, this one is KEY above all the others. The rest won’t fall in line as easily without a solid plan.

2. Pick a niche you enjoy

Some niches are easier to make a profit off of than others. But if you aren’t into the topic you’re writing about, not only will you resent spending time on your blog, your readers will sense it as well! 

When so much of our day is spent taking care of needy little gremlins (said with love), the last thing you want to do is use your little bit of free time to work on a project that holds no interest for you. So be practical, but also try to find a niche that you’ll WANT to use those free moments on.

Writing for my blog is something I truly love, and it’s exciting to come up with new post ideas! I literally have a note saved in my phone with over 250 ideas for posts, and I add to it whenever inspiration hits. I still give myself breaks to binge watch my guilty pleasure TV shows now and then (currently working on Desperate Housewives… don’t judge!), but I love to write and I love to encourage my kids to be creative individuals. 

3. Have a daily routine and stick to it

A lot of SAHM’s like to plan their day anyway, so this may come easy and natural to you. But for my fellow right-brained mamas, I know this probably goes against the grain a bit for you! I’m not a big schedule person but learning to follow even a loose schedule has been really helpful for getting anything done.

What I mean by a loose schedule is basically just stick to the same times for food and sleep. That’s it! How you fill in those between hours doesn’t entirely matter as much for productivity purposes, because the point is to find ways to be as present as possible with your kids anyway.

It’s probably not a surprise that those times are important because when the kids are asleep is your best bet at focusing. If your kids get on a predictable sleep schedule, you can better plan how to use your time.

And the food part is just because kids get cray when you go too long between meals haha. Mine do anyway. They definitely take after mama with the hangriness.

If you’re looking for a way to plan your family life out more efficiently, try out the Cozi app. I first was introduced to it from a family I used to nanny for who were CRAZY busy, and now I use it with my own family! It connects each family member to the same calendar and color codes events for each person, so you always know who’s supposed to be where when.

4. Only focus on a few things at a time

There’s so much to learn about blogging– it can get pretty overwhelming! When you don’t have an entire work day to devote to learning it all, you’ll only discourage yourself if you tackle too many things at once. So I’ve found it’s best to pace yourself and add more as you get familiar.

The 2 main areas I suggest learning about upfront are SEO and Pinterest. You probably already know how to use Pinterest as a user, but there are some techniques that need to be learned as far as how to get your own pins/posts seen by more people on there. And SEO is a huge part of blogging but also pretty involved, so start learning it little by little and implement new strategies as you learn more.

5. Work smarter, not harder

This relates to tip #4 in not stretching yourself too thin. Once you get the hang of marketing your blog, it might feel like you need to be everywhere on the internet at all times. But your audience might not be everywhere! Or they just might be more likely to become loyal readers from a certain platform more than another.

When I started out, I tried to grow a presence on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter– all while also trying to put out quality content for the blog itself! It was way too much, so I’ve cut back to the places that are more enjoyable for me to share on, and seem to get me the most blog traffic.

In my opinion, Pinterest and Facebook are the two best platforms to focus on sharing your blog. Pinterest is of course the top choice and I get more than half of my traffic from there. It’s more like a search engine for people to look ideas up, so if you can get YOUR ideas in front of them, there’s a better chance of them checking your site out.

Focus your time where your target audience hangs out

As far as the other social media options, Facebook makes the most sense to me, so that’s where I’m at. I figure that I personally am more likely to click-through to a post with an interesting prompt on Facebook. And I don’t think my target audience spends as much time on Twitter.

On Instagram, you have to make your captions compelling enough for someone to want to leave their news feed, click on your profile, and then go to the link in your bio. For someone like me, who made my Instagram for the sole purpose of sharing my blog, this just doesn’t convert well.

But if you started off with a strong IG following and then decided to start a blog, or are able to grow a strong IG following, then Instagram might be more worth your efforts than Facebook! Think about where YOUR readers will feel most connected to you, and focus on that.

5. Have a blog buddy

Find someone to bounce ideas off of, share what you’re both learning, encourage each other, and stay accountable to! I have been lucky enough to have a friend outside of the blogging world, that also happens to be a blogging mama as well. But there are tons of people that would love to connect and be blog buddies!

My blog bestie, Shannon from Mama Shan Loves, and I talk nearly everyday about everything we have going on or are thinking about with our blog.

Above all, we keep each other accountable, excited, and encouraged! Shannon and I have started to go over our goals on the 1st of each month which helps us reflect on what we accomplished, and get pumped up for the upcoming month.

Having a friend to talk to throughout everything has made it all even MORE fun, and is so nice when other family and friends in your life don’t really understand what it is you’re doing.

And if you’re unsure where to go about finding a blog buddy, go ahead and shoot me an email. I would love nothing more than to talk with you about what ideas and goals you have, and encourage you in reaching them! 

6. Do SOMETHING almost every day

Not every day is going to run smoothly and give you an ideal amount of focused time to work. That’s mom life, and that’s OK! Not only is it unrealistic to expect you to pump out a new post everyday, it would likely cause you to get burnt out really fast.

If you even take the smallest task and try to complete it, that’s a win for the day. Pinterest wants tons of new fresh pins now, so even something as simple as making a new pin for an older post, can help your blog get noticed. Share on social media, take some pictures for an upcoming post, update (or create) your media kit– just do something!

Now some tips on what to do with those kiddos while you work!

7. For babies– babywear or work while nursing

I currently have a 3 month old and let me tell you, I get so much of my writing done while I’m nursing him and/or he’s sleeping on me. So much! Seriously, I am writing this section right now as I nurse my baby to sleep haha.

But if I’m sitting there nursing and the other two kids are running around playing, it’s too hard to focus on writing a blog post. Use that time to organize some of your goal/plan lists then! Or if you join some Facebook groups to help share your posts, then work on those threads.

There are plenty of tasks that don’t require your full attention to complete, so do those when you don’t have your full attention to give!

Another great way to get stuff done is to use a baby carrier. This is more about getting errands or chores done so you have more time to work when you do have some kid-free time. Which ties in to my next point…

8. Involve your kids in household chores

My 2 and 4 year olds are surprisingly eager to help with cleaning everything– except their own toys haha. But really, finding ways to have them help you around the house is beneficial in so many ways. And if they are resistant, try out these fun cleaning games to get them involved!

First off, letting them help when they’re younger teaches them it’s important to pitch in when they’re older. Capitalize on that desire to mimic everything you do! 

But more directly related to blogging– it allows you to check everything off your to-do list, while also spending time with them! It may take longer to get done, sure, but it will still give you more free time while they sleep. Heck, this is a great approach whether you want to blog, or simply have time to relax and read that book that’s getting dust on your bed side table.

Let the kids help vacuum, fold and put away laundry, and of course clean up all the toys. That way you can relax and do some writing whenever you want while they sleep. Doing it together makes it just as much a fun activity for them as any toy or game, so it’s really a win-win

9. Set up independent activities for them

If you’re like me and want to really push ahead + see quicker progress with your blog, sleep times may not be enough. It’s important for kids to learn how to play independently, so use that to your benefit whenever possible!

My kids are pretty good about independent play, but it also helps that they have each other. I usually plan for them to play independently first thing after breakfast when they’re full of P + V while I drink my coffee and work haha. This gives me an extra hour or so to do whatever I had planned to get done that day!

Another solution is to set aside certain toys or activities that they only get during specified times. I do this with my oldest since she stopped napping, we have “quiet time” with special books and toys. I talk more about that in this post— it may give you some ideas for independent play as well!

10. Have your partner help if that’s an option

My fiancé works a lot of hours, so we don’t really have a set time where he takes over with the kids so I can work. But if that’s something that can work for your family, that would be really great! Even having them put the kids to bed at night to give you a head start on work.

We usually have sporadic times where he takes over meals, bed time, or goes somewhere with them so I can get something done. It just depends on his work schedule and if our house/cars need fixing that day lol.

The Most Effective Time Management Tips for SAHM Bloggers |

11. Give yourself grace!

You could run yourself ragged using every free moment to work, but why? These time management tips help SAHM bloggers fit more in, but the fact is you are a SAHM first. You don’t have the focused time available that someone without kids has, and that’s OK! Set appropriate expectations for YOU!

Some days I’m super motivated, and other days I just want to play with my kids. And then there are days I’m super motivated but my kids are having a hard day and need extra attention! That’s life with little ones, and they are most important.

I understand the drive to be successful ASAP and being willing to put in that work– I’m right there with ya, girl! But the good news is: as you learn more, you’ll get more efficient. So you’ll be able to take those coveted free moments and get SO MUCH MORE done.

Another part of giving yourself grace is don’t worry about taking breaks when you need to. Family vacations, big life events, heck I’m even gonna be slowing down a bit just because it’s summertime!! Blogging is a lot of work on top of an already hefty workload. So take that break when you need to recharge and don’t feel guilty about it!

Do what you can to be most productive, without causing yourself to get burnt out!

Hopefully these time management tips for SAHM bloggers have convinced you that blogging is in fact a realistic option for you. If that’s the case, head over to Bluehost NOW and get the process rolllllllin’! But then come right back, because we have more to discuss about planning.

I want to quickly break down how I lay out my plans, and why. It’s been monumental in helping me be more productive, so it feels worth diving into a bit more. Don’t forget at the end I have a super pack with all the goods for planning a productive year!

A Quick Overview on Planning Ahead for your Blog


Ok, first I like to take a look at the entire year and mark down when I want to start planning content for a specific season. For example, I’ve heard it’s best to get Christmas content out way earlier so it’s already circulating when the busy season hits. Therefore I have my schedule noted to start planning content around the beginning of August.

Another great way to start the year is to give yourself some long-term goals to work towards. It’s ok if you don’t reach those goals, but it’s helpful to have a clear direction you’re working towards. That way you can take actionable steps in that direction, so even if you don’t reach the goal you’re still working towards it!


At the beginning of each month I like to plan what goals I’d like to accomplish for that month as well as review how I did with the previous month’s goals. If there was anything I didn’t get to the previous month then I’ll usually just move it ahead to the current month. As an example, this month a goal was to update my about and work with me pages.

The next thing I do is plan out content at least for that month, including the dates I want to publish each post. In my opinion this has been the single most important part of planning ahead! Having a clear idea of what you need to get out that month will help everything else fall into place more easily.

If I’m feeling extra inspired I may plan 2 months out, but sometimes those plans don’t work out and need to be readjusted later on– no biggie! Just reassess at the following month’s planning session.


Now we’re getting to the more nitty-gritty details. Each week I plan out what needs to be accomplished to button up any posts being shared that week. In the printables below I have a checklist for you of general to-do’s for each blog post. Go through to see what’s needed and add it to the planner!

I also have certain other blog-related tasks that I plan out weekly. Some of these may include: scheduling pins on tailwind, social media posts, blog promotion in Facebook groups, keyword research, making fresh pins, checking networks for sponsored posts, planning emails, and blog maintenance. 

I know, that’s a lot! I am not great about getting all of these done, and that’s where the tip about giving myself grace comes in handy haha. But I’m able to get the most accomplished when I put them into my weekly to-do list… otherwise I’ll probably just forget about half of them! 

A note about Tailwind. You’ll see plenty of posts explaining it and it’s greatness. Let me just be yet another to agree! Up until like a month ago I was pinning manually and finally decided something had to give.

It has been SUCH a helpful tool, for real. If you have any questions about it just shoot me an email. And, bonus! Sign up through my link and get a free month!!


For my daily planner I pick a few tasks off my weekly list to get done the next day. Some days I am continually moving one task from day-to-day, and others I bust through the whole list and can pick a few more to get done. It’s just super helpful to have that shortened list so that when I have a moment to myself I can get right to it!

Ok friend, let’s wrap this up, shall we? I hope you got some valuable ideas from these time management tips for SAHM bloggers. As mentioned, I have a huge pack of planner goodness for you which you can sign up for just below.

The Most Effective Time Management Tips for SAHM Bloggers PLUS a free blog planner |

Here’s what you’ll get in the super pack:

– Yearly calendar to write any seasonal or time specific posts, as well as yearly goals

– Monthly pages to write the posts and goals you have planned for that month.

– Weekly calendar to fill in what you want to do each day and your goals for the week

– Blog Completion Checklist

– List of Blog Maintenance Suggestions

– Spreadsheet to track growth and income

– Page to keep track of any brands or networks you’re currently collaborating with

– Brain Dump page to jot down post ideas

Basically– you don’t want to miss out on this amazing freebie!! Sign up below and let’s get this blog party started!


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The Most Effective Time Management Tips for SAHM Bloggers |

8 thoughts on “The Most Effective Time Management Tips for SAHM Bloggers

  1. “Only focus on a few things at a time.” Taking on too much at once is always my downfall when it comes to being a consistent blogger. Thanks for sharing these tips!

    1. Same here! Honestly even as I’m giving that advice I still struggle with it, but I know I will just get overwhelmed if I try to do too much. If there’s too much going on at once it’s easy to say “forget it” and not accomplish any of it

    1. It’s such a great outlet! And learning the ropes on turning it into a business has been a lot of fun too 😊

  2. Great post with plenty of tips! I’m currently home working on my blog and homeschooling my 6 year old and chasing my 2 year old, it’s not always easy but I’ve found having a plan helps. Your post has a lot more detail than my current plan so I will be using these tips for sure. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I’m so glad you find it helpful! I am thankful that none of my kids were school aged when this lockdown hit, so having that on your plate is a LOT! Give yourself extra grace during this time

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