The Top Christian Homeschool Curriculum Choices

Are you planning to homeschool this year? Maybe it was always the plan, or maybe current events are influencing your decision. Either way, these options for Christian homeschool curriculum are great for teaching little ones from home!

Although we unofficially started preschool at home this past winter, Lu is to the age now where she will be going through a preschool program in its entirety. Something that’s been an important deciding factor for what program we’ll go with is whether it has Christian elements or not. Thankfully, there are a bunch of really great faith-based options to choose from! 

The Best Choices for a Christian Homeschooling Curriculum |

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I find it interesting how we so often want to separate the two: education and faith. But if you believe in God then you also believe He created the whole world. So it makes sense that it all points back to Him, doesn’t it? While giving our children an education is important in general, the MOST important thing we can do is build a strong foundation of faith. Tying it into all areas of life, including school, is a great way to do just that. 

Below you’ll find some of the best Christian homeschool curriculum choices for your little one. Each has a full description to give you a better idea if it’s the right option for your family. After all, every child is different, so the type of program they will thrive best in differs for each individual!

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BJU Press

For BJU Press, it’s extremely important to teach every subject from a Scriptural point of view, not just during bible studies. They take great effort to make sure their lessons are academically sound, but also help reflect the important overall themes of Creation, Fall, and Redemption. Beyond that, they also make sure to include critical thinking tasks in each lesson with hands on learning, inductive teachings, and probing questions.

BJU Press gives a choice between parent-led teaching with textbooks, or online/DVD courses for your kids to have a real teacher to learn from! They also offer something called “Vacation Stations” which is a fun activity book to sharpen their skills in preparation for the next school year. Quick and easy reviews to make sure they start the following year off strong. 

Their Biblical Worldview approach is something I found truly impressive, and what makes them stand out from the rest. While all of those on this list incorporate faith into their teachings, I think BJU Press has to be the one that makes it the most prominent part of the lessons. For example, the English textbooks work to teach the necessary educational skills. But they also emphasize that God gave us the ability to communicate to honor Him, so lessons should also show us how to do that. 

Blue Manor Education

Christian Homeschool Curriculum

Your child can get an elite but affordable education through Blue Manor Education. They focus on teaching the important facts rather than small details. This way your child can learn more over a shorter period of time! You can choose between an online library of resources or workbooks to teach from.

One of the ways Blue Manor Education differs from other programs is that they do something called “mastery testing”. This means kids can take a test as many times as they need to, but they need to take it until they master it completely. The philosophy is that it doesn’t benefit kids to only learn 60% of something. So instead, they can stay at one level until they master and then move up.

Nest Learning

Nest Learning is your one-stop-shop for all things Christian parenting. Not only do they sell amazing curricula, but they also have bibles, books, music, church supplies, and much more! 

The two lesson options offered are Horizons (teacher-led) and Weaver (unit based). The Horizons program has 180 lessons that all have a Bible reference that relates to each lesson. In this program you can get 2 workbooks for them to fill out, as well as comprehensive resource and guide books for you to follow.

The Weaver program is a really cool option if you are currently or will be homeschooling multiple kids. Its unit-based style allows you to work with multiple levels of learning at once. You can teach them all the same Bible theme and then have each child focus on learning at their own level! The one offered for younger kiddos can be used for pre-k or kindergarten. Then the next two books cover grades K-6 at once and then grades 7-12– talk about efficiency!

Alpha Omega Publications

Save on Horizons

This extensive program is perfect to give you a full and complete curriculum for any grade! They have different options on how to receive the lessons including digital, student-paced, teacher-led, and unit studies! If you have multiple kids you will be homeschooling over time, Alpha Omega has you covered no matter what type of learners they are! 

The teacher-led and unit studies are actually the same ones you can get on Nest Learning, but they originated on Alpha-Omega! So if you are only interested in homeschool curriculum and no other Christian resources, maybe check them out instead. In addition to the two mentioned above, they also have other options for kindergarten and up called Lifepac, Switched on Schoolhouse, and Monarch. 

Monarch and Switched on Schoolhouse are both online and offered for students from 3rd grade and up. Monarch is a monthly subscription to give you access to 50 online homeschooling courses for up to 3 kids. It’s all online making it easier than ever to teach at home! Switched on Schoolhouse offers interactive multimedia lessons and uses a placement testing to gauge where your child’s skill level is at and teach them according to that. 

Lifepac starts at kindergarten and is an interesting one in that it is totally student-paced. It draws from the same method as Blue Manor by using mastery learning. They give the option of individual worktexts that you can mix and match to reflect your child’s level of understanding for each subject.


Turn homeschooling into a bonding family activity with this amazing program. Not only will they learn through themed workbook programs, but they also provide literature, journaling, family projects, and so much more! WinterPromise has the basic philosophy that we need to teach our children the basics, and then encourage them to find joy in everything else.

They follow the method of Charlotte Mason who believed we need to teach our children in ways that make the lessons come to life. A big part of this is bringing nature into our children’s education. With that in mind, you’ll find that much of the WinterPromise curriculum is based around animals, nature, and vivid storytelling.

In addition to the lessons, they also offer amazing interactive journals. The journal topics include observing animals and their environments, learning all about dinosaurs from a Creationist starting point, the American story, as well as one that focuses on ships and space machines. They are SUCH a cool way to teach your kiddos, and I’d bet there’s a lot for us adults to learn from them as well!

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Abeka is a great option to get a teacher-directed curriculum from home. You can choose either their lesson kits that were created by teachers to give you the best tools to succeed. OR try their online program where you get access to actual lessons taught by actual teachers! 

Their approach allows you to have confidence in WHAT and HOW you are teaching your kids, as they only use proven methods. It also makes it so much easier if you have more than one kiddo to teach at once. They also have complete grade-by-grade summaries of everything your kiddo will learn, so you don’t have to wonder!


Sonlight Curriculum

Sonlight is a very popular Christian homeschool curriculum to choose! It’s literature based (which, as a book nerd, I totally love), so you’ll get to read and learn through a lot of great books together. Plus the Instructor’s Guide gives you all the information you need to teach with little planning or prep.

Something I really love about Sonlight is their willingness to cover trickier topics. They teach about the whole world, not just the US, giving children a more cultured education whilst learning about God’s love for all. The curriculum is designed to make it easier for parents teaching multiple kids of different ages.

When you decide to make a purchase with them, you can use my referral link to get $10 off your first order!

Answers in Genesis

Answers Bookstore

Answers in Genesis actually doesn’t have a full homeschool program. However, they have some really amazing resources for teaching your little one about God’s world!

There are books to help with Scripture memorization, weather, animals, and more! Two of my favorite sets you can get from them are rhyming books that go over historical events from the Bible, and an entire series that answers common questions kids have (hint: there are a lot!)

My Father’s World

This awesome Christian homeschool curriculum is a combination of the Charlotte Mason method, classroom education, and unit studies. They also have a strong focus on the world as a whole and tying it all back to God. With the different options to choose from, My Father’s World is great whether you’re teaching one child or many! 

Not only do they have highly interactive workbooks for each grade, but they also have something called the Family Learning Cycle to help with teaching different ages/levels at once! They have it broken up so you can teach from preschool to 2nd grade and from 3rd to 8th grade all with the same program! Your family goes through the units together and the older kids gain a higher level of knowledge as they progress.

You really can’t go wrong with any of these choices for an amazing Christian homeschool curriculum! They all cover the basic educational necessities while also having either a purposeful Bible study time, or incorporate faith into the other subjects. If faith is an important part of your life, it’s worth considering a curriculum that reflects that.

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6

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The Best Choices for a Christian Homeschooling Curriculum |

14 thoughts on “The Top Christian Homeschool Curriculum Choices

  1. I had no idea this many Christian homeschool curriculums existed. WinterPromise sounds the one I would be most interested in due to its emphasis on journal and children learning the basics then discovering and finding joy on their own.

    1. I agree, Kimberlie! I’m actually going to be sharing a review on them in particular next week because I loved the curriculum so much!

  2. Great review of what is out there! I know this will help a lot of people who are just getting started with homeschooling.

  3. Great info for a first time homeschooling mom of a 5 and 10 y.old kids, who lived in Europe until now(there homeschooling is not allowed and was out of question).Homeschooling here in US and finding a bible based CV is a bit challenging and you brought clarity into the differences between programs and it aligns with some that my friends recommended.Thank you ! Stay blessed !

  4. Thank you for this wonderful information!! I will be a first time homeschooling mama of preschoolers 4.5 and 2.5 and 1!! My older LOs have had Christian preschool for 2 years for the oldest and 1 year for the younger two!

    Have you heard about Classical Conversations? I’ve heard and researched just a little bit about it.

  5. My friend told me about Christ-centered curriculum, which she loved when she homeschooled her, now adult, children but I’m not seeing much about it compared to all these other ones.

    Know much about it?

    1. I haven’t heard of that one, but I will look into it! I plan on updating this post soon with some other great Christian curricula so I will add that to my list of ones to check out more 🙂

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