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Now that we’ve begun our preschool at home journey, something I’m trying to be mindful of is coming up with new, fun ways to teach Lulu. Repetition is super important for kids at this age, but that doesn’t mean us parents want to look at the same alphabet worksheet for 3 weeks, right?? I don’t really think our kids do either.

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So today I’m sharing some really great packs of preschool worksheet printables that I found. They’re all on various topics to keep it interesting, but still very much hone in on preschool skills! This works out really well because if you set a particular lesson to different themes, you have the added benefit of teaching them on that theme as well.

For example, you might go through the alphabet with them using animals for each letter, and then go through it using career choices. In addition to learning the alphabet, the conversation can be opened up to learn about animals and careers as well!

The only preschool worksheet printables you'll ever need |

Kids are extremely curious (sometimes painfully so). So, I think it’s important to not limit what they learn in their lessons. Sure they have to know certain things before kindergarten, but they are continuously trying to understand and know more about the world around them as well.

“Ideas come from curiosity” -Walt Disney

The fact that we have so many resources to combine different aspects of learning at home is incredible to me! I never would have guessed that you could find so many different and interesting worksheets to use at home, for FREE! It feels like we’re breaking into some kind of teacher’s only club, amiright? No, just me?? Haha.

At any rate, I compiled some of the amazing preschool worksheet printables I’ve come across below. One thing I would suggest is investing in a laminator now to save yourself time and money later. I got this one (affiliate link) a month ago and I am in love with it!!

Hopefully these printable packs will be helpful in your homeschooling journey. Kids are already so eager to learn, we just have to give them the tools and attention to do it!

Seasonal Preschool Worksheet Printables

Winter Activities Pack

Winter Activities Pack >>>> The Best Preschool Worksheet Printables |

This huge printable pack comes with 25 different types of activities, and has over 90 pages you can choose from to print out! These will surely keep your munchkins entertained on all those cold, wintry days.

Spring Printable Worksheets

Pen control and recognition of letters, numbers, and shapes are just some of the fun lessons in this pack. Your little ones will love these 13 pages of activities set to a cute Spring-inspired theme!

Summer Printable Pack

Your kiddo can work on these summer worksheets whenever it’s time to take a break from playing in the sun! This pack of 6 includes activities such as tracing and size comparison.

Fall Printable Worksheets

Fall Printable Worksheets >>>>> The Best Preschool Worksheet Printables |

There are some really great activities in this pack of 13. Many of them focus on learning numbers, including some color-by-number pages!

Valentine’s Day Worksheets

These adorable printables are perfect for the month of love! You can find several comparison activities as well as a couple of mazes.

Animals/Nature Preschool Worksheet Printables

Bumblebee Activities 

Bumblebee Activities >>>> The Best Preschool Worksheet Printables |

This is another awesomely huge printable pack with 77 different activity pages! These cute little bees will help kiddos learn an array of important skills.

Insect Theme Printables

Insect Theme Printables >>>> The Best Preschool Worksheet Printables |

Let your kids explore their love of bugs with this printable pack! All of these activities revolve around learning more about insects.

Thumbprint Ocean Animals 

Thumbprint Ocean Animals >>>> The Best Preschool Worksheet Printables |

These are printable instructions for a very cute craft to learn about ocean animals. Kids will love using their thumbprint to add a visual element to their lessons!

Printable Nature Activity Pack

Printable Nature Activity Pack >>>> The Best Preschool Worksheet Printables |

This is another fun set of printables that revolve around nature. Using bugs and other elements easily found outside, kids can work on their counting and I-spy skills!

Math and Counting Printables

Car Park Game: Number Bonds

Car Park Game >>>> The Best Preschool Worksheet Printables |

This is just one of MANY great learning activities to be found at Mrs. Mactivity for a low yearly fee. You can help your child start learning addition through this fun and simple car game.

Apple Tree Mats

Print these out and laminate them for a play dough mat! Kiddos can place play dough apples on the trees to match the number on each page.

Dot Marker Number Recognition

This worksheet helps kids to count by coloring in the right amount of circles for each number. Dot markers are always super fun!

Magic Number Finders

Magic Number Finders >>>> The Best Preschool Worksheet Printables |

Mrs. Mactivity has yet another very creative way for kiddos to learn their numbers! This pack of printables includes “magic number finders” so kids can explore the world around them as they count and look for numbers.

All About Numbers

Each of these worksheets focuses on the numbers 1-10. Various activities for each help kids to memorize them better! 

Numbers, Colors, and Things

Numbers, Colors, and Things >>>> The Best Preschool Worksheet Printables |

This workbook is awesome because it covers so many lessons in one. Not only can your kiddos work on their numbers, but also colors and common words as well!


Alphabet Pattern Block Mats

This is such a great way for kids to learn their letters! Print the worksheets, and then they can form the letters using pattern blocks.

Bingo Marker Alphabet Recognition

Bingo Marker Alphabet Recognition >>>> The Best Preschool Worksheet Printables |

This pack of printables is a super creative way to work on ABC’s! Each sheet is a picture the starts with a different letter, and kids use the markers to find the letters in the picture.

Alphabet Worksheets A-Z

The Best Preschool Worksheet Printables |

The printables in this set include a worksheet for each letter A-Z! There are various activities for kids to get more familiar with the alphabet.

Name Writing Activity Sheet

Name Writing Activity Sheet >>>> The Best Preschool Worksheet Printables |

This helpful set of printables from Mrs. Mactivity are great for practicing to write. Your little one can work on the alphabet, as well as their name, in either upper or lower case letters.

Other Great Printables

Color Theory for Kids

Color Theory >>>> The Best Preschool Worksheet Printables |

I love this printable pack that focuses on how colors work! Your kiddos can learn all about how the colors of the rainbow work separately and together.

Star Wars Cutting Practice

Star Wars Scissors Practice >>>> The Best Preschool Worksheet Printables |

Any other Star Wars fans out there? Your kids will love practicing their cutting skills with these fun themed worksheets.

Transportation Activities Printables

I had to include one about transportation for my son who is obsessed with vehicles! This fun pack works on both numbers and the letter T.

Excitable Edgar Pencil Control

Excitable Edgar Pencil Control

The printables in this pack from Mrs. Mactivity include fun scenarios for kids to work on their pencil control! Put to an Excitable Edgar theme, they can follow the zig zag and loop de loops to improve fine motor skills.

Doing preschool at home doesn’t have to be boring, or complicated, or really even require that much creative thinking on our end. For all the different ways kids learn (check out this post for more on that), there’s already tons of great ideas out there for you to choose from!

I love coming up with our own activities, but I love being able to lean on others’ knowledge as well. The preschool worksheet printables listed here are all ones I found to be extra fun, creative, and unique. I hope you and your little Einstein’s enjoy them as much as we have been!

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The Best Preschool Worksheet Printables |

43 thoughts on “The Best Preschool Worksheet Printables

  1. Thank you for sharing these! My son isn’t quite old enough yet, but he will be soon and whenever that time comes, I’m sure these will come in handy ?

    Bookmarked quite a few of them!

    1. Awesome- definitely keep them in mine for later! I’ve been laminating all of mine to save for when my two boys get to this age 🙂

  2. So great of you to compile this list! My daughter is in public preschool but we do a little home studying too and she loves it.

    1. That’s awesome! We live in a super tiny town without many options for preschool which is why I got started with this to begin with. Didn’t realize we’d enjoy it so much though 🙂

  3. I love this list! I love doing some homeschool stuff with my kids and these are some seriously great resources I need to check out in more detail. Thank you.

    1. I’ve been surprised at how fun it’s been for both of us to do! These worksheets have so many cute and interesting themes to them that they really keep my daughter’s interest

  4. Wow, what an amazing list of printables! My son is going to LOVE doing all of these. He is a typical boy and is all about cars and bugs (nature), so those two are a first.

    1. Hahah I hear ya! I’ve been laminating to save these for when my two boys get older and already know the cars and bugs will be a big hit with my 2 year old

    1. I definitely think some of these would still be fun for older kiddos as well! The car bonds one in particular would be fun and deals with addition

  5. I have one son who loved (and still loves) worksheets and another who HATES them because he is a completely different kind of learner. I’m not sure about our toddler yet. Love all the different options you provide!

    1. Haha I always find it so funny how different siblings can be! My daughter isn’t super into the work-feeling type worksheets either, so I try to find ones that are more fun or centered around themes she enjoys. Gotta have options when it comes to kids!

    1. For sure! We do a lot of other types of activities, but worksheets can be so helpful if they’re ones the kiddos will pay attention to lol

  6. Great list! Sometimes it’s hard to navigate Pinterest looking for worksheets because there are so many crappy posts. So appreciative of you for posting these quality printables!

    1. I hear ya! These have all been tested by my easily distracted 4 year old, and so far she’s loving them!

    1. Oh that’s awesome! I’ll be sharing weekly “Word of the Week” posts too, so be sure to check back for more 🙂

  7. I love these adorable printables. My daughter just started Pre-Kindergarten and she’s loving all of the fun activities that they do (very similar to the ones you’ve outlined here). It’s really fun to watch her learn, and grow.

    1. That’s so awesome! It seems like they reach this age and are just so ready to take on learning in all its forms. Love it!

    1. That’s awesome! Definitely keep these in mind, we’ll have the whole alphabet done by the time you guys are ready 🙂

    1. Girl, same here! Coming up with fun activities and sharing them on here has given me an extra boost of motivation to stay on top of it ?

  8. I have always loved having worksheets for my son to do in order to help continue his learning. These worksheets would be perfect for my 4-year old daughter. She isn’t in school yet, so it would be nice to have something to start with now in the meantime. I’m hoping she likes doing them. Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. So many great worksheets – my 4y/o who will be starting pre-K in the fall asks to do homework when he sees his older brother working on some. I usually try to make my own up on the fly, it’ll be great to be able to pull some from here, thank you!

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