The Best Kids Art Displays for Any Style or Budget

Kids love to create art, and if given the right tools and environment they will do it every day! It’s so important to let them explore artistically, but what are we supposed to do with all those finished works? Put them on display! So I’ve scoured Etsy to find the best kids art displays that will suit any style AND budget.

If your kiddos are anything like mine, they LOVE to have their work displayed. I’m pretty sure appreciation of crafts is my daughter’s love language lol. In all seriousness, there is more importance to putting that scribbly picture on the fridge than you may think.

The Best Kids Art Displays for any Style or Budget |

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Do your kids want to show you every.single.thing they’re doing? My kids even like to show me how they take a bite of food (?). As silly as it may seem sometimes, it’s a really big deal to them!

Why it’s important to display children’s artwork

Even though their skill levels are at a, well, childish level, it’s the BEST they can do at that age. So when they finish a project, they’re proud of themselves– and they should be! It’s incredibly validating for them to have parents who are just as excited about these little achievements.

Plus, it always makes me think of that quote by Catherine M. Wallace: “If you don’t listen eagerly to the little stuff when they are little, they won’t tell you the big stuff when they are big, because them all of it has always been big stuff.”

I think that’s a really profound way to think about parenting little ones that can be applied to more than just listening. If we care about what they care about IN GENERAL, then they will be more inclined to share their life with us as they get older. That definitely makes me pay more attention when my 4-year-old shows me some rad artwork she made of tore up paper glued to another piece of paper, lol!

Basically, displaying their art work gives them a huge self-esteem boost. It reinforces to them that they are important to us, we care about what excites them, and we’re proud of them. I bet you didn’t know there was so much packed into that little drawing 🙂 

With all that in mind, let’s check out some kids’ art displays! There are a ton here to choose from, so there’s a good chance you’ll find one you love. And buying from Etsy is always so great– you get unique goods AND support a small business, win-win!

Personalized Wood Board Displays

These are one of the most common kids’ art displays, but also one of the easiest to personalize! There are SO many different designs, along with different quotes or places to add your children’s names. I have a lot of this styles listed here, but they’re all different!

1. These art boards from The Wood Mama are some of my favorite, and she has several options to choose from! The words and design come out about 1/4 inch from the board to give a lovely 3D effect. 

2. Cute and super easy to personalize, these art displays by Knotty By Nature are sure to be loved! You can choose to include up to two pictures, or instead add a fun design.

3. The black 3D lettering effect on this display is amazing, right? Painter Place Home Co. cuts each letter out of 1/4 inch thick wood for this design.

4. Don’t Forget The Gift makes a playful design that would look perfect in a kid’s bedroom or play room!

5. This natural looking display board by Repurposed Design Work does a great job at letting the colorful art do all the talking!

6. Mom’s everywhere will have the perfect opportunity to brag about their kiddos with this beautiful “brag board”. Memes on Main Street provide a display with a rustic style.

7. How cute are these?! Amelie’s Crafthouse has some of the most unique and whimsical art displays of them all. I love this one so much, I think I will end up buying one for my daughter once we get her new room finished!

8. These are displays by Jessica Mann Art Studio are all handpainted and give off a warm rustic charm. With three wood stains to choose from, it would be a great addition to any style room!

9. These kids’ art displays from Personalization Mall are fun, colorful, and stylish!

10. Kavya Home makes some beautiful pieces that would look wonderful in a farmhouse or rustic home! There are several ways to personalize to suit them to your specific needs.

11. Talk about giving your kiddo an ego boost! This art display by Roni’s Rescued Relics has a beautiful design that will have your child smiling ear to ear when they see their crafts labeled as “fine art”.

12. Your kids will love this rainbow art display by Macy Boo Gifts! The bright and colorful design is yet another one that would fit in perfectly with a playroom.

13. Heartfelt By Donna has a playful design that will inspire your little Picasso’s to fill it up with greatness! The colorful lettering on a white background give a clean look that I love.

14. This rustic design by SRS Creative Company is easy to personalize and looks amazing! It would go perfectly in a farmhouse style room.

15. Twist of Twine Designs has this majorly adorable art display! The board is in the shape of a crayon, and you can put your little one’s name on it. So unique!


Can’t ever go wrong with a picture frame! Some of these vary from one frame to showcase a “picture of the week” or one they are especially proud of. Others come with multiple frames so you can make an entire gallery wall out of your kid’s art!

16. These frames from the Dezign Shoppe are perfect to put your child’s art of full display. These fun and unique frames come in a variety of colors and would look perfect in a playroom or art area.

17. This is such a great idea if you have limited space, or just don’t want your whole walls filled up with craft projects! Thoughtful Keepsake Co. makes these adorable and unique frames that take your kid’s artwork and turns it into one collectively picture! There are plenty of designs besides the hearts, too.

Paper frames– who knew they could look this good? OUR KiDS iMAGiNE makes these colorful paper frames that are a cheaper alternative to wooden ones, but still look great!

18. I’m a sucker for a good, rustic frame, and The Rustic Country Home nails it. This simple yet elegant frame will hold a cherished piece of artwork in effortless style.

19. Molly McShabby offers another option for a gallery wall of art. I love the idea of using these orante style frames to hold crafts and other projects from your kids! They also have a selection of colors to choose from.

20. These frames from Hanger Frames are so cute and SO reasonably priced. With the easy design, you can quickly change out the picture to display their latest artwork every week.

21. Another way to make a collage of your kiddo’s art! Sugar Pickle Designs let’s you choose up to 12 pictures to display. Note that this is a digital file they send to you.

Clothesline Style

Display your children’s art using this minimalist design with maximum style. With different wooden images onto either side to give a personalized effect, the pictures are attached simply to a rope hung between them.

22. Let the artwork do all the talking while the display hangs quietly and stylishly in the background. This rope display from JS Kids Gallery is a beautifully simplistic way to show off their art projects.

23. Maple Shade Kids has great display options for your little wild one. The trees or mountains will fit in perfectly with a woodland or adventurous themed bedroom. They have a huge selection of other designs as well!

24. Sweet Nest Design makes these adorable bird clothesline displays that any little girl would love!


Magnets are a super affordable way to give your kids some extra recognition, without taking up extra wall space or breaking the bank!

25. This sweet wooden set from Co Creative Design comes with 3 magnets to personalize!

26. Hartwood Design makes an adorable set of a 5 magnets to display fridge art! I plan on buying a set of these for each of my kiddos.

27. A cute and inexpensive magnet from Mika’s Party Shop, these will let someone special know a piece of art was made just for them!

28. Simple and to the point, this magnet from Dunkirk Designs is the most budget friendly option on this list! A cute little button magnet to hold up sweet memories.

Wall Decals

Sometimes the uniqueness doesn’t come from the hanging style itself, but a fun wall decal placed nearby!

29. These wall decal picture frames from Desgined Beginnings are the best of both worlds. You can hang a piece of artwork inside, and still have the ease of moving the decals around without putting holes in your wall!

30. Kidtivities makes these cute and colorful wall decals. This fun quote is the perfect way to show off your kids’ art!

31. Simple and to the point! Stephen Edward Graphic makes these wall decals to aptly label your “Art Gallery”.

32. This one is a bit extravagant, but it is SO cool and So unique! Rather than hanging up individual frames, you can work with AccentuWall to create an entire wall decal with kids art on it!

Too unique for a group 🙂

These are miscellaneous choices that didn’t quite fit in with the other groups, but are still just as awesome!

33. This huge board from Tenpenny House provides a lot of space to display your kids artwork!

34. A sweet display that would go pretty much anywhere in the house! Justin Wood NI woodburned a personalized message at the top for a rustic touch.

35. A minimalistic design to let the artwork shine. These cute wooden boards from My Side of the Garage come in a variety of stains.

36. I LOVE these huge clothespins from Sparkling Turtle Co! So cute and creative. They’re pictured holding a towel, but they would be perfect for hanging up artwork as well.

The Best Kids Art Displays for any Style or Budget |
Sparkling Turtle Co.

37. Looking for a more industrial or modern design? These metal displays by Boise River Creations fit the bill perfectly.

38. These kids art displays by Harp Saw are the only ones I found that are vertical! They are perfect for filling a corner or smaller area that need some fun and color.

Choices for every style and budget

There are tons of ways to display your kids’ art! No matter the amount of space you want dedicated to it, or the price range you want to be within, there is a way to give your kids that special recognition. They will love having their art hung up, and it will be so sweet for you to have those cute little stick figure families hanging on the wall to see everyday!

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The Best Kids Art Displays for any Style or Budget |

16 thoughts on “The Best Kids Art Displays for Any Style or Budget

  1. We have a similar art gallery from Etsy that I’m obsessed with! Whenever we hang up my two year old’s scribbles and make a big deal of it, he literally beams with pride!

  2. I am always at a loss for how to display my children’s artwork. There is always so much paper from school. Thanks for these great ideas.

    1. I hope you find one that you love! It will definitely be useful in our house to get them more organized haha

    1. It can happen sooner than you think! Put some paint on a paper in a ziplock bag, let them push the paint around and voila- great sensory play and baby’s first art project! ?

    1. Lol! My 4 year old is too- some days it feels like she’s trying to break a record for most artwork in one day ?

  3. So many cute ideas there! The back of our kitchen door is our mail artwork display area. The kids are the ones who choose what pieces go on display and sew change display every couple of months!

  4. I love these so much! I wish they had been available 20 years ago! All my kids are now in their 20’s. We always had artwork on display on the bulletin board and the frig!

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