The Best 17 Fairy Tale Activities for Kids

Anyone that knows me personally knows I am not a huge fan of TV, especially since becoming a mom. What I do love though, is a good fairy tale! We have so many amazing books on our shelf filled with daring adventures, magic, brave heroes, and the like.

The Best 17 Fairy Tale Activities for Kids |

So naturally when I found out national Tell A Fairy Tale day was coming up on February 26th, I had to do something with the kids for it! We decided to have a day full of fairy tale activities, and it was a blast! So I’ve compiled some of the activities we did, as well as several more that just sound awesome 🙂

Here are 17 of the best fairy tale activities out there!

Felt Flower Crowns

Fairy Tale Activities |

These felt flower crowns from Party With Unicorns are the perfect craft to dress your kiddos up like little fairies! I love that they are made with a hot glue gun and don’t require any sewing. There is even a printable template included for those of us who have trouble drawing a decent flower. (guilty!)

Make Believe Map Craft

This map craft from Artsy Momma is perfect for open ended play! She gives some really great ideas for creating different maps for your little ones to pretend with. I love when a craft in itself is a lot of fun, but also gives you a way to continue playing with it long after the crafting is done!

Watercolor Crowns

Fairy Tale Activities |

Here’s another crown option from Kitchen Table Classroom that is so stinkin’ cute and EASY! Watercolor is such a great way for kids to explore blending colors and still having a beautiful end result. This was a perfect craft for my 2 and 4-year-old to both enjoy.

Cardboard Castle

I love reusing other items for new crafts, so this cardboard castle was right up our alley! You can make it any way to your liking of course, but The Craft Train gives some easy ideas for inspiration. Your kiddos will LOVE having a fairy tale castle of their very own.

Magic Fairy Wands

Fairy Tale Activities |

My kiddos are always playing with pipe cleaners, so these Fairy Wands from The Soccer Mom were perfect! It’s simple enough for your toddler to even help with, and will add to their fairy pretend play fun! I especially love how she twists multiple pipe cleaners together to make it more colorful and sturdy.

Fairy Tale Science Experiments

Fairy Tale Activities |

Your little ones can learn in a fun way with these fairy tale experiments from Science Sparks! These activities take on popular fairy tales and come up with different ways to bring them to life through science.

Cellophane Fairy Wings

Fairy Tale Activities |

Making With Megan has a tutorial for the most adorable fairy wings made with cellophane! I just love how beautiful these are. They are the perfect way to top off your fairy outfit with the crown and wand crafts!

Shape Castle Silhouettes

Silhouette art is such a great way for kids to come up with new ways to be creative! This activity by The Pinterested Parent in particular is cool because you can cut out different shapes from a castle and let them put it together how they want. Like 2D legos!

Paper Plate Cinderella’s Carriage

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Such a cute craft idea from Artsy Momma! Your kiddo can make their own carriage like Cinderella using paper plates. I especially love the simple details added to show a princess inside the carriage– just too adorable!

Princess Mirror Craft

This one is a craft that Lu and I did a year ago for a little Galentine’s day spent together. Using just cardboard and aluminum foil, you can make your own princess mirror craft that actually shows somewhat of a reflection! It was so easy to make and provided lots of entertainment for my girly girl.

Fairy Shadow Box House

Fairy Tale Activities |

Ok, I am totally obsessed with little fairy houses, and this one is sooooo cute! Finding Myself Young came up with the great idea to use a shadow box to create a little fairy home. This would make the sweetest decor for a little girl’s enchanted room!

Toadstool Lanterns

Your kiddos will love these fun little toadstool lanterns from Moms And Crafters. Decorate a toilet paper or cut down paper towel roll and add an LED light for the perfect tiny lantern!

Puppet Princess

Story time just got more fun thanks to this idea from Easy Crafts For Kids! There’s an easy tutorial on how to make your own princess puppet with a spoon. Imagine the hours of fun and imagination this simple craft can provide!

Dollar Tree Tea Cup Fairy Garden

I really love this little fairy garden from Sunny Sweet Days! Using items that can be bought super cheap from the dollar tree, you can make this precious decoration for a fairy or Disney themed bedroom.

Fairy Clothes pin Dolls

These fairy clothes pin dolls from Kids Craft Room are just too adorable! There are so many ways for your kids to make it their own and get creativity. Then they have cute little dolls to play with over and over again!

Light Up Gnome Mason Jars

Fairy Tale Activities |

How adorable are these gnome jars?? The Tip Toe Fairy gives a great tutorial on how easily you can make one of these little beauties yourselves. They would be so perfect for a fairytale party, or even as a small light for a kiddo that’s afraid of the dark.

Fairy Tale Cork People

Fairy Tale Activities |

This is such a fun toddler/preschooler craft from Red Ted Art! She gives inspiration on having an open-ended craft where your little one makes their own fairy tale craft using a bottle cork. Super fun and a great way to use all those corks lying around!

Fairy tales are some of the most fun stories to read as a child, so it’s no surprise that there are some really great fairy tale activities as well! The kiddos and I loved doing many of these fairy tale activities, and have plans to do more in the future! The land of make-believe is our favorite, so anything that encourages that is a great way to pass the day.

Don’t forget to pin this for later, and read your little ones a fairy tale on February 26th for Tell A Fairy Tale Day!

The Best 17 Fairy Tale Activities for Kids |

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  1. These craft activities are such a fun way to review fairy tales. They are so full of open ended creativity. I love the map and the wand!

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