Teaching Art Techniques to Homeschoolers

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If you’ve been tagging along for any amount of time, then you know how much my family loves art! So when given the opportunity to try out an art course from ARTistic Pursuits, we were super excited. My kiddos LOVE creating, and it’s been extra fun to learn specific techniques through this book.

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ARTistic Pursuits has a ton of different books that teach various art techniques and are suited for varying grade levels. The one we are using is K-3 Vol. 7 Art of the Modern Age. Every course has the option of getting a book with a DVD for video lessons, or to have everything online! I always love to have a book in hand, so I was happy to receive an actual book for our program.

Learn about Tons of Art Techniques 

My daughter is on the younger side, being only five, so we’ve been moving through this at a slow pace and loving every minute of it. So far we have learned a lot about acrylic paint and different artists who used it! Acrylic paint is something we already used for crafts. It’s been awesome to learn more about it and use that as our introduction to learning about art.

Teaching your homeschooler about art- THE EASY WAY with ARTistic Pursuits | thegrowingcreatives.com

In addition to acrylic paints, there are also video lessons on assemblage, foil modeling, limited colors, big art, and movement. There are 18 individual lessons and each teaches a new technique including plaster portraits, abstract paintings, an animated flipbook, and more. I know this is a book that will be used over and over again! Even after finishing it, we will go through it again in the future as she gets older.

For the project pictured above, we were encouraged to create an acrylic painting of some food items! We chose to use some fruit (that later got snacked on, haha) so I laid them out on a cutting board on the table. I did draw the outlines for my kiddos since I wanted them to focus on the painting part, but in the future we will do this again where they also draw the picture themselves too!

Something I thought was pretty cool was how my daughter tried to show the yellowish part at the top of the apples. My kids always seem to surprise me (in a good way) with what they do during art projects! It was also great to see them focus on a specific goal with their art since I often let them explore on their own. They were happily stimulated by the challenge of staying in the lines and painting to match what they were looking at!

Going Beyond the Art

Something I appreciate about the way they have their programs set up is that the art techniques are linked to specific periods of history. As mentioned, we worked on art from the Modern Age, but they also have art from the Middle Ages, the Italian Renaissance, and more! It can be a great way to tie history lessons in to exploring the art for a given time period. 

Teaching your homeschooler about art- THE EASY WAY with ARTistic Pursuits | thegrowingcreatives.com

Each lesson introduces a different artist from that time and includes some background on them and their art work. My daughter loved hearing the stories on why the artists were inspired to create what they did, and then to try recreating something similar herself.

There were also questions listed for each creation to help us dive deeper and think critically of that specific piece. I’ve never had a knack for analyzing art, so this was educational for both of us! 

If you’re looking for an easier way to introduce real art techniques to your kids, especially if you aren’t artistically inclined yourself, ARTistic Pursuits is a great option to try. These inexpensive books pack a ton of information to expose your children to so many different artists and artwork. Our lessons have definitely encouraged a love of art even further to now learn about all the fun techniques there are out there. 

This was just one of many course books you can get from ARTistic Pursuits. To check out reviews on some of the other books, head over to the Homeschool Review Crew!

Teaching your homeschooler about art- THE EASY WAY with ARTistic Pursuits | thegrowingcreatives.com

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