Staying Creative While Cooped Up

Is your family getting some cabin fever after staying inside so long this winter? Try these five indoor winter activities with your kids to change things up!

About this time of the year I start to get pretty stir crazy. I don’t need much in life, but I do love being able to go in and out of the house without having to put 10 layers on my children first. Knowing we can’t just run outside quickly can make it feel like the walls are closing in.We just bought a house this past fall, so thankfully the new-house-effect has been easing those cooped up feelings for now. But inevitably I’ll get to the point I suspect many of us get to in the chillier months: where we start running out of things to do with our ever-demanding toddlers/preschoolers.

Then we will be in definite need of some indoor winter activities!

5 Indoor Activities for Kids in the Winter |

Fear not, friends! I’ve compiled a few ideas to spice up your lives (people of the world!). For some ideas on what to do outside, check out my post on outdoor activities for winter. For now, let’s focus on ways to entertain our kids that don’t involve fighting off frostbite!

Here are 5 indoor winter activities for you and your kiddos:

1. Bake a Wintry Treat

5 Ways to get creative on long, cold winter days- bake a wintery treat |
Me whenever Lulu wants to break the egg “all by myself”

I dunno about you, but my preschooler LOVES to bake with me. Honestly, I’m kind of a control freak in the kitchen, but I try to let her help haha. At 3 years old I pretty much just let her pour pre-measured cups of ingredients into the bowl and mix a little.

My soul dies a tiny bit when I know she’s over mixing something that REALLY isn’t supposed to be over mixed, but we’re in the business of making memories, right?

Sometimes I’ll put flour out on the table for her to draw in or give her a piece of dough to roll out. This recipe, however, is super easy not only for you non-bakers but also for your kiddos to help with. Enjoy!

2. Bring the snow inside

5 unique indoor activities for the winter! >>> Playing with snow in the bathtub |
The joys of outdoor play for your kid, the joys of sitting on the toilet scrolling instagram for you

This is a fun way to make your kids feel like they’re not missing out on playing in the snow, without having to actually brave the cold. And it’s so simple!

Fill a bucket up with snow, bring it inside, and put it in the tub. Then let them sit in or next to the tub with some toy animals or people and have a ball pretend playing! We used some of Lulu’s Little People farm animals. She had so much fun pretending that the animals were digging and rolling in the snow.

I also used this time to teach about the kind of animals that can live outside all winter, and the kinds that need to take shelter. In the future I would love to get some penguins or polar bears, since farm animals typically don’t like to dig in the snow. 🙂

Make sure to have the kiddos wear something that can get a little wet, especially if they’re sitting right in there with the snow!

3. Exercise!

5 unique indoor activities for the winter! |

Here, let me give myself a huuuuge eye roll to save you the trouble. Haha, but yes, I am serious! Kids have SO. MUCH. ENERGY it’s ridiculous. How can someone so tiny have that much energy stored inside of them? It doesn’t make sense.

Nevertheless, this is our reality, folks. In the winter it can be such a struggle to find healthy ways to work out the wiggles. You know those movie “drink if…” games? I came up with one to get kids exercising while watching The Little Mermaid! That way they can burn some energy AND you can get the break. What could be better?

Another energy-burner we do a lot in our house is dance. Pro tip: if you need to get stuff done around the house and your kids want you to play with them- put on some music, call it a dance party, and just wiggle every now and then while you get your stuff done. Ha!

4. Make Snow Slime

Oh yeah, you heard me right. Snow slime!! Kids love stuff that’s ooey gooey, making slime pretty much the GOAT for childhood. It’s so easy to make, too!

All you need is glitter glue and liquid starch- both of which can just be bought at the nearest dollar store. You can also add your own glitter for extra sparkle! This will keep the kiddos entertained for awhile, and is a fun substitute for playing in actual snow. Get the full directions here.

5. Make Snow Cookies

5 unique indoor activities for the winter! >>> Make snow cookies! |
We 💟 snow cookies!

Don’t worry, I won’t pressure you into more baking! This is another idea for bringing the snow inside so that your kids get their fill of it. This works best with heavier snow.

Grab a baking sheet or two and pack snow onto it until it’s almost to the top. Bust out the cookie cutters, and cut some shapes into it! For some reason, kids seem drawn to eating snow, so this will be a silly way for them to make it into an actual “treat”.

I hope this list gives you some fun ideas for those cold winter days that seem to drag on forever. If you try any of these indoor winter activities, let me know in the comments below!

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25 thoughts on “Staying Creative While Cooped Up

  1. I never thought about bringing the snow in! And yet… brrrrr. I also like to read books or watch TV. Love the baking idea mostly because it warms up the house quickly

    1. Haha! I definitely don’t always feel like going out to get it either. But I just tell myself it’s better than sitting outside with them lol

  2. Congrats on the launch of your Blog! These are some great ideas. Keep up the good work, work hard, and good things will come your way! Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

    1. Ah you are so right. I have a 9 month old so I know what you mean. I have some fun baby-specific activities too, so I will have to get that into a post soon!

  3. Snow cookies are so cool!!! Such an easy idea. Fortunately we don’t get snow here but it can get too hot for the kids to go outside and then sometimes we need a little help inside.

    1. Ah you could always just make slushies then!! Haha. Meanwhile we’re on our 5th blizzard of the year over here 😂

  4. My favorite activity you suggested is to bring the snow inside. I don’t know why I have never thought of that! My daughter keeps saying how much she wants to play in the snow. Last Winter it was always way too cold to actually be out there. This Winter I will bring it to her if it’s too cold to be outside to play in it. Thanks so much for the idea!

  5. These are such great ideas! I remember when my kids were little (now in their 20’s) and they wanted to go play in the snow. I would grudgingly get the multiple layers on everyone, and myself, and 30+ minutes later, out we went. Some of these indoor activities would have been great to do some of the time!!

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