Spa Day Pretend Play: Sneaking in Some Relaxation for Mom!

We are nearing the end of this pregnancy, folks! It simultaneously feels like it went super fast (since we didn’t even find out til I was 9 weeks ha) and suuuuuper slow (because being pregnant with 2 youngins is e x h a u s t i n g). Despite being tired and cranky pretty much all the time, I do try to find ways to encourage my little ones’ creativity everyday.

One of my go-to favorites lately has been having spa day themed pretend play. Where I get to be the client. Oh yeah, you read that right.

Spa Day Pretend Play |

I haven’t been able to do much of the physical play these days, so most of our interactive time is spent doing crafts, puzzles, and playing with figurines. But my favorite is by far when I get treated to a spa day!

I will say, some of the activities teeter on the fence between enjoyable and slightly painful. But when it’s been ages since your last real spa day, you take what you can get haha.

Despite sometimes having my hair pulled, I actually do very much enjoy this time! So I thought I’d share some of my sneaky ideas for any other rundown mamas. Or even if you aren’t rundown, everyone loves being (kindamaybesorta) pampered, right? Treat yo self, ladies!

Spa Day Pretend Play for Kids to Pamper Mama

Spa Day Pretend Play |

1. Brushing your hair

But brush it yourself first!! It is seriously NOT enjoyable to have your 4-year-old yank on your hair. If it’s brushed beforehand, you just get a nice little head massage. 

2. Doing your makeup

Let them use a paintbrush to pretend to do your makeup or give you a face painting. We usually just leave the paintbrushes dry and it feels amazing. I haven’t found a lotion that doesn’t irritate my skin when loaded on in this way lol, but if you have one that works for you that would feel great too!

There is also the option of letting them put real makeup on you, if you’re interested in trying that out. I can confirm that it feels very nice as well, but you will look insane afterwards haha!

Spa Day Pretend Play |
Please take note of my bobby pin rat tail. Super stylish

3. Getting your hair did

Now that your hair is all brushed, it’s time to style it, of course. If your kid knows anything about braids or even how to put a hair tie in- bonus points! Mine unfortunately don’t yet haha. So what I let them do is take a bunch of bobby pins and put them all over. I look super fancy afterwards, just saying.

4. Painting your nails

Spa Day Pretend Play |

Grab your handy-dandy paintbrush for some more luxury. First, I squeeze a little lotion onto play kitchen plate (or whatever is nearby). Then the kiddos dip their paintbrushes into it and paint my nails. Feels great and my cuticles have never looked better!

5. Lotion time!

For some reason, God blessed me with children that have an inexplicable love of putting lotion on my arms and legs. IDK man. They like it, I roll with it. With my large pregnant belly, I’ve even talked them into putting some on my stomach because it “makes the baby happy” haha.

One way to make this even more fun for kids can be to slather lotion on and then draw in it. My kiddos also really love to immediately wipe it all off with the baby wipes. So much wasted lotion and wipes, but sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

6. Back Massage

Spa Day Pretend Play |
It was pretty hard to get a picture of them doing this on my back, but you get the idea, right? Haha

J is super into trucks and tractors. So one of his favorites of my spa day activities is to run his trucks up and down my back. He will do this for ev er. I already have plans for him and little brother to have monster truck rallies on my back. 

Lulu is a bit more civilized (just a tiny bit), so she likes to draw on my back. Sometimes I’ll give her ideas on what to draw, and other times she just draws and I have to guess. Either way, it feels fantastic!

7. Checking for bugs

Yeah this one might be a little gross to some people, but we find it hilarious and it feels really nice. I’ll randomly ask Lu to check my hair for bugs like a monkey,  and she proceeds to pick and pull all over my head. My favorite is when she tells me she did find some in there haha, oy.

8. Meditation

This one isn’t exactly a spa one, but I pretend it’s my meditation time and it’s very relaxing, so it kind of counts.

Spa Day Pretend Play |

The kids like to have me lay in bed and they tuck me in. Lu will read me a story, sing a song, and give me a kiss. Then she’ll go play quietly, checking on me every 30 seconds or so. I’m not kidding!

It’s basically like when they play babies and mimic what you do, but now you’re the baby. You can kind of nap while still technically playing with your kids, jackpot!

These spa day pretend play ideas are all fun ways to ignite your kiddos imagination, while also getting a teensy bit of pampering in for yourself as well. And if all else fails, you can always BRIBE! I am so looking forward to the day that I can get a foot rub for 5 cents.

Looking for another “mom hack” to get your kiddos to make your life easier somehow? Check out my post on clean up games and get them excited to help pick up around the house!

Spa Day Pretend Play |

And don’t forget to share this post for any other burnt out mamas that need to sneak in some relaxation time 🙂


21 thoughts on “Spa Day Pretend Play: Sneaking in Some Relaxation for Mom!

  1. I LOVE this idea! Recently my kiddo started playing “hair stylist” with me. Sometimes it feels really good. Of course, once in a while she yanks my hair, but it still beats playing a lot of other pretend games! So cute.

  2. I love this idea! I wish I would have had this post a couple of years ago for my sister in law. Her daughter HATED bathtime and would scream bloody murder when it was bathtime.

  3. I tried this the other day with our little one (4 y.o.) and she loved it. We had Duplo back massages, cheerleader pompom stroking, lots of cream and washable nail polish. She loved the role-playing and I must say, it was very relaxing. She has asked me the last two days if we can play it again and has even roped her Dad into going to her spa too. Great idea! Glad we tried it!

    1. Definitely keep it in the back of your mind! It’s a great way to relax but still keep the kiddos entertained ?

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