See-Through Drawing Craft

We all need those quick and easy crafts for a rainy day. Here is a perfect one to try. My kiddos and I made these fun see-through drawing crafts with little mess and almost no prep! 

Sometimes it can be tempting to try those elaborate and impressive crafts floating around on Pinterest. But when we’re dealing with little kids, simple and open-ended is the way to go. And when dealing with us parents, low prep and not much cleanup is definitely the way to go! 

See-through picture crafts for kids |

The other day it was pretty cold, as such is life in the Northeast US. Since it was too cold to go outside, of course we had to break out the craft supplies! We made some see-through drawings that were really cool for the kids and so easy!

See-Through Drawings Craft

What you’ll need:

See-through picture crafts for kids |
  • Paper; white works best, but colored does still have an effect
  • Markers or crayons
  • Oil
  • Sponge
  • Cardboard or some other surface you don’t mind the oil getting on

This is a super easy one, folks! Start out by letting your kids draw whatever picture they want on their piece of white paper. My daughter drew a house with our family and my son drew dinosaurs.

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Next, turn your pictures over and place them on the cardboard. Dab the oil all over the back of the paper using the sponge. Make sure it’s enough to soak the paper and then pat off any excess. 

Then just stick the picture on a window to see how cool it looks with the oily white parts more translucent! It doesn’t translate as well in pictures, so to show that it really does make a difference I included a picture that was not covered in oil. See how much more light gets through the oiled ones?

See-through picture crafts for kids |

If they want to play around with this some more, let them try out colored papers. It doesn’t make it quite as see-through, but you can see from the picture that it is still lighter where the oil is. My kids got pretty excited over the changes in the paper! 

There’s nothing better on an icky day than a laid back craft to keep the kiddos entertained. Plus our bathroom window now has a (new) set of lovely artwork. Enjoy these see-through drawing crafts!

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See-through picture crafts for kids |

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