Seashell Shape Matching Activity

Use all those collected seashells in a way that’s both fun and educational! This seashell shape matching activity only takes a few minutes on your part but will keep your kiddos thoroughly occupied.

Trips to the beach are summer staples. Another staple is to collect seashells when visiting the beach. We sadly don’t live anywhere close to a true beach, but have friends that travel to visit one every year and collect seashells for us! 

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So now I have these seashells and wanted to come up with some new ideas to do with them. Mister 5 loves puzzles, so I decided to turn them into a puzzle of sorts. A seashell shape matching activity! 

Educational Fun in Simple Tasks

Since we homeschool, I am always thinking about ways to bring an educational element to what we do. But looking for a way to learn throughout the day doesn’t mean we have time for everything to turn into an elaborate lesson!

So we use our everyday routine or simple activities and make the most out of them. When we bake, I explain how fractions work. When we play with Legos, I work on numbers and colors with Mister 3. Just use what you have and what you’re doing anyway, and turn it into a quick lesson.

That’s the best part about this activity- it takes very little time to set up and can be done over and over again. It’s an excellent way to work on sorting shapes with your preschooler. And if you have a child with a puzzle-centric mind like Mister 5, then this will be right up their alley! 

What You Need

  • Seashells of varying shapes and sizes
  • Paper
  • Pen or pencil

Seashell Shape Matching Activity

This activity couldn’t be any easier! Simply gather your seashells, a piece of paper, and a pen or pencil. Then place the seashells randomly around the paper and trace them. Try to include a good variety of sizes if you have them! 

Mix all the seashells up into a pile and give your child the pile and paper. They then have to go through matching the exact shape drawn with the correct seashell! Depending on their age and what you have  you can do this a few ways.

For younger kids, using shells that are very different in size will help them figure it out. You can also use this time to emphasize “big” versus “small” and count them as you go. This is what I did for my 3 year old, he would have been confused if the shell shapes were too similar, but did well with a big variety of shapes and sizes.

Seashell Shape Matching Activity |

For Mister 5 who loves a good puzzle, I used similarly sized shells and filled the paper up more so that it was a little more difficult. He couldn’t just match it based on size or completely different shapes, he had to match them based on the slight difference in curve that was unique to each seashell. This was a good workout for critical thinking skills! 

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So there’s your quick and easy activity for the week. We had a lot of fun with this one and it was great to just throw it together and let them at it. Hope your kiddos love this seashell shape matching activity!

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Seashell Shape Matching Activity |

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