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I love sharing the great homeschooling resources I find with you guys. It can be hard figuring out what’s worth spending your time on when teaching your kids. Today I want to share all about our experience with the Superstar Spelling pack by The Crafty Classroom! 

If you’re looking for a way to get your kids familiar with some sight words or to improve on their spelling, this packet will be really helpful. My daughter is still in the earlier phases of reading and writing, so we used it to work on recognizing and writing out simple words with ease.

Superstar Spelling review: engaging spelling worksheets for your kids! |

One of my favorite parts of Superstar Spelling is that it’s customizable. When you’re getting ready to print the pack out, you can pick up to 20 words to use throughout the packet. You simply type them out in the beginning and they are automatically added throughout.

This is so helpful because it can be used over and over again! Although we are using it in a more introductory way right now, it’ll be easy to add longer or more complex words as we go for more advanced learning. And there’s such a variety of activities that your kids wont mind using the same worksheets. 

Using the Superstar Spelling Worksheets

There are so many unique ways for your kids to learn from this packet! It has bingo, tic tac toe, dice games, tracing, board style games, plenty of review, and more! Here are a couple of our favorite worksheets.

The Spelling Shapes worksheet instructs to match shapes and write the correct word on it. There’s a Robot Roll game where we took turns rolling dice that lined up with a certain word, and graphing the results. One of my daughter’s favorites was the Spiral Spelling Snails where she would write the words around the snails’ shells.

Superstar Spelling review: engaging spelling worksheets for your kids! |

Another worksheet that I really loved was Sign & Spell. This one shows the sign language motion for each letter and then makes words for the kids to decipher them. It was awesome to work on spelling and also introduce sign language as well! 

The Superstar Spelling printable pack has been a fun change of pace for our school days. I’m not a huge fan of filling the whole day with worksheets, but when you find ones as engaging and effective as these, they can do wonders! It’s rewarding to hear my daughter proudly say she doesn’t need to look at how to spell the words because she already knows how to. 

The Crafty Classroom has tons of other great homeschool resources as well. To check some of them out, head over to the Homeschool Review Crew blog.

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Superstar Spelling review: engaging spelling worksheets for your kids! |

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