Raising Kids to Love the Bible

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As a Christian, the most important thing I can teach my kids is to know and love Jesus. Since I have no power to do that on my own, this requires a lot of prayer and trusting God with their hearts. However, that doesn’t mean that we don’t have a huge responsibility in raising them right!

The best resource we have to raise little believers is, of course, the Bible! But sometimes it can feel like Scripture is too advanced, involved, or difficult to understand for our kids, right? It doesn’t have to be that way! There is a happy middle ground between treating the Bible like fairy tale stories and expecting your 5-year-old to understand detailed theology.

Danika Cooley and Bethany House Publishers

I’ve recently finished reading through Help Your Kids Learn & Love the Bible by Danika Cooley. It has helped tremendously with how I view that part of the day with my kids! Cooley explains some different ways to add the Bible into your family time in ways that will truly resonate with your kiddos.

When choosing books to learn from, especially spiritually, I always find it’s important to look into the author as well as the publisher. The publisher of this book is Bethany House Publishers. I didn’t find a ton of specific information on their beliefs, but they are a large, independent Christian book publisher. The fact that they focus on publishing Christian fiction and non-fiction books is always a good place to start!

As for the author herself, Danika Cooley has a wonderful statement of faith that can be found on her website. Between that and the church she is a member at, I feel very comfortable taking advice from her for my own family, as well as recommending her as an author to my readers! Having a strong grasp of the Gospel is so important when forming opinions about anything else!

Help Your Kids Learn & Love the Bible

Now, back to the specific book, Help Your Kids Learn & Love the Bible! Cooley gives specific tips on how to engage your kids in the wonderful story God reveals to us through the Bible. Through the advice given throughout this book, we are shown smart ways to approach our Bible reading, how to answer the tough questions and foster healthy discussion, as well as get our kids truly excited about the Word. 

Some of my favorite advice given in this book is the specific ways to help kids remember Scripture based on their learning style of auditory, visual, or kinesthetic. It truly is so important to meet your kids where they’re at when it comes to learning, and it makes for a much smoother process! So it makes sense to apply this same mindset to teaching little ones about the Bible.

Another tip I appreciated was encouraging a strong prayer life in kids. This is something that I admittedly have struggled with myself. Keeping prayer as a top priority and making sure my kids grasp the true meaning of praying (hint: it’s not to treat God like a genie in a bottle). Cooley suggests using the acronym ACTS when considering what to pray for. A- adoration, C- confession, T- thanksgiving, and S- supplication. Having this as an easy reminder will be so helpful to our family’s prayer life!

Overall, I was so pleased with the advice and encouragement I gained from Help Your Kids Learn & Love the Bible. It not only helped prepare me to raise tiny Jesus-lovers, but also encouraged me in my own study of Scripture! There is so much we can learn for ourselves when we consider how to correctly share things with our children.

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