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With all the school closings, many parents are unexpectedly finding themselves having to teach their kids from home. I know how overwhelming the idea of homeschooling felt to me, and I wasn’t thrown into it mid school year! I want to help to whatever extent I can with the preschool at home resources I’ve accumulated so far.

If you find yourself responsible for teaching a preschool aged kid, consider yourself lucky! At this age, they still mainly learn through play, so you shouldn’t feel the need to plan out any elaborate lessons. But they do have their own set of things to know before kindergarten, as well as getting into the hang of some structured learning. This would also be a perfect time to sign up for a phonics class if needed, so make sure to check out some¬†phonics tuition¬†prices!

Preschool at home resources |

Over the past few months I’ve shared some resources I’ve found and ones I’ve made myself. So now I’m compiling all of those into one post to make it easier for parents to find! One of the topics I’ve been sharing is weekly alphabet posts, as well as monthly themed learning posts. We are in the middle of these currently, and as I add to it I’ll keep adding them here– so keep checking back!

Resources to get started:

First, check out my post explaining the different WAYS young kids learn. Workbooks and worksheets are not the only way to teach little ones! In fact- I’d say they prefer other ways more! I explain more in the post how hands on learning techniques are best for kids this age.

BUT! Worksheets are definitely a part of any structured learning, so make sure you find ones your kids will be interested in t. There are so many fun preschool at home resources to introduce or reinforce different topics. I shared a post compiling the best preschool printables I found, so be sure to check that out as well!

Now for our letter of the week posts. Each week I share different activities that revolve around the focus letter for that week. We do worksheets, games, science experiments, and lots of easy crafts! The crafts are always my favorite to do, and I love the collection of letter crafts we have going that I’ll be able to save and look back on.

As I said before, we are going through the alphabet with you! So as we complete another letter, I’ll add the link back to this post. Also monthly I’ll be sharing a learning theme for the following month.

Letters of the Week

Week A

Week B

Week C

Week D

Week E

Week F

Week G

Week H

Week I, J, + K

Week L

Week M

Week N

Monthly Theme

Emotions & Social Skills

Life on the Farm

Subscribe for weekly updates on new posts. And please share with any other parents who are in a similar situation that could benefit from these preschool at home resources. Happy teaching, and stay healthy friends!

Preschool at home resources |

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