Nature Study Bags

Spring is here, which means exploring will be a lot easier soon! I try to take as much of our homeschool day outside as I can. We love including are nature study bags to help make the most of our learning!

Having a nature-focused homeschool is a great way to not only teach your children, but to also teach them a LOVE of learning! The educational possibilities in nature are endless and can cover nearly every subject. Add in some amazing living books, and you’ve got the makings of a lovely Charlotte Mason-based homeschool!

Nature Study Bags

To aid in our studies, our nature study bags have been absolutely essential to making the most of our learning time. Whether it is a planned lesson or something the kids come across that interests them, I try to keep items with us that will help us to learn from the experience. It makes our day go so much smoother and allows everyone to enjoy school more!

Here are some of the items that should be kept in nature study bags at all times:

Identification Books

One of the most important items we bring with us are books for identifying whatever we might encounter. Bugs, plants, animals, rocks… whatever you might be studying, there is a book that covers it!

A favorite to always have on hand is the Handbook Nature Study Book. It’s full of information on a huge variety of nature subjects! For a more colorful and easy-to-read option, the Fun With Nature takealong books are awesome as well. 

Sight-Seeing Help

Make sure to pack a magnifying glass and binoculars. When your kids find that cool bug crawling or a bird up in a tree, they’ll want a closer look! No need to spend a fortune, inexpensive ones like these magnifying glasses and these binoculars work perfectly for kids!

Nature Journal

Every good nature walk needs a nature journal to record in! We love making simple ones with paper bags. They are great for recording what was found that day or to write down questions to look up later.

‘Today’s Discoveries’ Printable

Another option instead of a journal is to print out these sheets to record! It has spaces for any kind of adventure you could go on. I like to use these with my oldest now to allow our time exploring to be more focused on learning (not that much help is needed!)

As your kids learn to write, they may appreciate having prompts to fill in to help them record their adventure. We like to simply hole punch and add them in with the rest of our nature journal. Get a free printable here

Writing Utensils

Of course, with a nature journal or printable you need something to write in it with! We typically have a handful of colored pencils and some pens, but little hands may prefer crayons!

Paper or Plastic Baggies

Any good nature walk will surely include some treasures found. Whether it be an interesting rock or leaf, or something that was buried and uncovered, your kids will want to take it home! Simply place a baggie of some sort in your bag so that they can put their treasures in there and not get the rest of the bag dirty.

Other Suggestions

Compass- I don’t really expect my young children to successfully use a compass, but it is fun to bring along! They have so much fun feeling like real adventurers, and how to use a compass is something everyone should learn at some point.

Scavenger hunt- there are so many themed scavenger hunts out there. It should be easy to find one specific to where your adventure will be that day! Here is one I made for a typical walk around the block.

Learning from nature can give your kids a wonderfully well-rounded experience while getting them engaged and excited about their lessons. Bringing these nature study bags helps your kids remember their lessons and be more mindful of their surroundings. Add this simple step to your outdoor adventures to maximize the educational fun!

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Nature Study Bags

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