Nature Fairy Wands Craft for Kids

Imaginative play is one of THE most important aspects of childhood. Something that really encourages that is having some props and dress up clothes around. These nature fairy wands is not only a fun craft, but it’s a great prop for some creative play after as well!

Getting kids outside is always one of my favorite ways to break up the day. You don’t even need anything planned- just head out and let nature inspire! That’s exactly the type of day we were having when this craft was thought of.

Nature Fairy Wands: an easy craft for kids |

Since it’s cold out, I’m usually snuggling my 11 month old to keep him warm when we’re all outside and not much help in way of activities. Usually they just make their own fun, but sometimes l suggest they go hunting in the yard for whatever goodies they can find! Pine cones and sticks are usually what they find most this time of year.

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One day they found a tooooon of sticks, so we brought them in and just started painting them! After seeing how cute their painted sticks were I decided we had to do something with them. And so we turned some of them into nature fairy wands!

Making your Nature Fairy Wands

This craft is super simple! Here’s the short list of items you’ll need to complete the craft:

  • Relatively straight sticks. They can be curved but it won’t be as “wandish” if there are little twigs sticking out all over it. However, whatever your kiddo likes will work fine!
  • Paints and paintbrushes
  • Yarn or string in different colors
  • Beads
  • Feathers
  • Little bells

For the amount of fun it will create, this craft seriously couldn’t get any simpler! Only 3.5 steps involved in making your nature fairy wands.

1. Paint your sticks

As I said earlier, painting the sticks was what inspired this craft- so I don’t have any pre painted sticks to show. Just imagine these sticks without paint, and now they have paint on them LOL. 

But seriously, just get out the paint safety items such as a table cloth and smock, put out some paints, and let your kiddos have fun! I always like to touch on some color theory when the paints are out- mostly because otherwise everything would turn brown from over mixing. But check out those vibrant colors from my 5-year-old! She’s really starting to understand the way colors work together.

2. Wrap the sticks in yarn

We wrapped our sticks in yarn because it’s thicker than any of the string we have. Again, they just picked out the colors they wanted, I cut some off and tied it around the stick, and they wrapped it up. I would purposely cut smaller sections to encourage using more colors. When they ran out of one, I’d tie it to the next piece and they continued on wrapping.

2a. Add embellishments while wrapping

Instead of gluing items on afterwards, we used items that could just be strung onto the yarn! So easy. I gave the kiddos a small handful of beads and they would string them on periodically and wrap them into the rest of the yarn.

Nature Fairy Wands: an easy craft for kids |

We also had little bells to string on which I HIGHLY recommend. Seriously I would skip the beads and feathers before not putting bells on. It has brought my kids so much joy to play with this sticks that jingle every time they shake them. The bells pretty much make the whole thing as far as kids are concerned!

3. Tie on some feathers

To add the feathers, Lu held them in place at the end and I tied a string around to keep them on. Nothing fancy, but they have stayed securely throughout some wild dance parties, so I think they’re good.

We made them in all different ways. Some of our sticks only had yarn and no embellishments, some had beads and no feathers, and some had it all. It’s easy to make these cute nature fairy wands with whatever you have on hand! 

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The real fun comes after you make them and they can be played with. These have been used for dance parties and tons of pretend play. It really is incredible to see what ideas kids can come with when they’re given some as simple as a stick! 

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Nature Fairy Wands: an easy craft for kids |

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  1. So so fun!! I think this would be a great birthday party activity (whenever we are able to have those again!!) to give the kids a creative outlet. Thanks for sharing!

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