Monthly Preschool Unit: Life on the Farm

Spring is here and everything is starting to come back to life again finally! This is also the time of year that you may see some farmers tilling their fields, planting and getting ready for the seasons ahead. So this month’s preschool unit focuses on learning activities related to farms.

There are so many fun aspects to farms, especially for little ones! The animals, the wide open fields, the big tractors… it’s a preschoolers dream. It can be such an interesting topic for them to learn about, and a really great theme to teach them other basic skills like counting, colors, etc!

Farm Monthly Preschool Unit |

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Farmers work so hard, and the work they do is essential to our well-being. If you have a farm open to the public nearby, I highly encourage you to take your kiddos there! Seeing the animals and crops, and all that goes into raising/growing them, is such wonderful exposure for kids.

Understanding that those carrots didn’t just appear in the store and that someone spends their lives making sure we have all these great foods to eat, is an important lesson for kids. If you know someone personally that has a farm, even better! See if they would let your preschooler help fill up water buckets, gather eggs, harvest some crops, etc.

My mother-in-law has a few horses, and there is nothing like seeing the excitement Lulu has for helping out down there. There’s a clear set of rules that need to be followed in grandma’s barn, and I love the unique way she gets to learn there. It can be a perfect opportunity to teach them the importance of being kind and thoughtful towards animals, and hardwork in general.

Here are the lessons we worked on this month to learn about farms!

What Do Farmers Do?

What do farmers do? >>> Farm Monthly Preschool Unit |

This activity teaches about some of the responsibilities farmers have. There are two printables in the pack below to print out and color.

The first page has different animals for the kids to pick out which ones belong on a farm and color them in. The other one has different foods pictured. They have to color in the foods we get from farmers or foods that need an ingredient from a farmer to be made. (Spoiler alert: it’s all of them!)

Life Cycle of Chicken

Such a cute craft to teach kids about chickens. I couldn’t come up with a better way to do this, so check out this fun craft idea from I Heart Crafty Things! My kids loved painting the little chick and making a hen/rooster with their hands.

Pigs in the Mud

Muddy Pigs >>> Farm Monthly Preschool Unit |

What kid doesn’t love playing in mud?! For this hands on activity, first I printed out an outline of a pig and laminated it. Laminating isn’t necessary if you only plan on getting one use out of it!

I took the kids outside to dig up some dirt, which they of course LOVED haha. It was already pretty wet since it’s springtime right now, but if the dirt is dry then add some water to make mud. Then I just let them basically paint their pigs with the mud! Not really a craft you can keep afterwards, but it was a ton of fun for the kiddos!

Counting Sheep

Counting Sheep >>> Farm Monthly Preschool Unit |

Print out the numbered sheep printable for this one. This activity helps kids learn control when using glue, and also teaches number recognition!

Each sheep has a number on it from 1-9. Gather some cotton balls and glue. Let your kiddos count out the correct number of cotton balls and glue them on to give the sheep wool!

Milking the Cow

I absolutely love this activity! Such a fun idea to teach kids where our milk comes from. Check it out over at Play Inspired Mum.

All you have to do is take a white glove and color some black spots on with a sharpie. Fill the glove up with milk and tie it up. Then poke a few tiny pinholes into a finger and put a cup or bowl underneath. The kiddos can squeeze the finger with the hole and see how the milk squirts out, just like milking a cow!

Tractor Painting

Tractor Painting >>> Farm Monthly Preschool Unit |

A fun and simple craft for kids to play with little tractors! We have loads of tractor and truck toys around because my son loves them, so this was easy to do.

Just put some paint colors on a plate and roll a tractor toy through it. Then let the kids drive the tractors around on a piece of paper and make their own track art! The fun is double-sided because they can have pretend play with the toys, while also making some art with the paint.

Big and Small Animals

Print and cut out this one from the pack below. There are 4 sets of farm animals with a mommy and baby for each. Mix them all up and let your preschooler match them up. This activity helps kids learn big and small, as well as the name of grown and baby animals!

Farm words

Farm Words >>> Farm Monthly Preschool Unit |

These little flashcards can help teach your kiddos about common farming equipment. It’s always good to expand our children’s vocabulary, and they will get so excited to visit a farm and know what they see on it!

Farm Nursery Rhymes and Songs

Children love to learn through song and rhyme. These songs and nursery rhymes all have to do with farmers or farm animals. They are probably familiar to you already, and your kids will have a blast singing them with you!

Click here for your FREE Farm Life printable pack!

Farm Themed Books

Reading is one of the best ways to expose kids to new things. Here’s a list of some of our favorite books that have to do with farms:

Farm Monthly Preschool Unit |

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  1. Great post. I love the idea of actually experimenting with the animals and touch and feel the soil, and see where food comes from. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is a lot of fun age appropriate activities that parents can trust. Young children need the outdoor encouragement daily.

  3. The Farm is a must have unit with preschoolers! You are so right, there is so much for a little one to love! When I was a speech pathologist at a PS the farm lessons were a big hit!

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