Mama & Daughter Date With Your Preschooler

In honor of Galentine’s Day, today I’m sharing some Mama/Daughter activities I love doing with my favorite gal. Lulu’s love language is definitely quality time, so it’s really important that her dad and I are intentional about spending time with her.

It’s been harder since Baby Bear was born nearly 10 months ago, so I decided to really focused on her and what she enjoys doing for a mama daughter date. She loves helping me bake, doing crafts, and reading together. So… you guessed it! That’s what we did.

Making Sweet Memories

Mama & Me Galentine's Day Cut-Out Cookies |

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We started off making some sugar cookies. Pretty much every baking recipe I follow is from Sally’s Baking Addiction, and this time was no different. These cookies are perfectly chewy and the recipe for the icing is super easy to work with.

Since it is the ~season of loooove~ we cut them all out as hearts and decorated with Valentine’s Day designs. There’s no need for a holiday to have a special day with your daughter though!

Mama & Me Galentine's Day Cut-Out cookies |

For the sake of being real with y’all, this is what Adi’s cookies looked like haha. I know people usually only post the visually pleasing pictures, but really now- she is 3!!

I care so much more about her having a part in our activities than having a bunch of beautiful cookies. Plus mine don’t really look thaaaat much better anyway lol!

My Daughter, My Mirror

DIY mirror craft for toddler or preschooler |

You already know we had to include a craft in our day. Today we made an adorable little mirror using cardboard and tin foil!

I chose this craft because, as I’m sure many girl-moms know, our daughters not only inherit some of our genetics, but are learning how to be a woman someday by watching our behavior.

The way I see it is boys grow up adoring their moms, and girls grow up idolizing their moms. Vice versa for the dads. So while Lulu is her own person and will go through the same growing pains all kids do at some point, her first exposure to handling different scenarios is by watching me. 

Cardboard Mirrow Craft for Kids |

So now, Lulu loves having her own fancy mirror to play with. And I love the reminder it gives me to be mindful of how I’m acting, because good or bad, our daughters are a reflection of us!

I’d Rather Be Reading

Reading is probably one of my favorite things to do with my kids. It doesn’t require all the chasing or the mess, and I would love nothing more than to pass my love of reading on to my kids.

I’m so thankful that Lulu seems to share this love already. I don’t just read to her, we read to each other. Sometimes she will tell me stories based on the pictures in books we’re looking at. Or sometimes she will just point to everything she sees and ask or tell me about it! 

We ended our day as we usually do, reading a bunch of books. For our mama-daughter day, I let her go through the bookshelf and pick out her favorite books. I’m sure her “favorites” will change by the next day haha, but she picked some pretty good ones out!

I’ve listed a few of the books she chose if you’re looking to expand your library, as well as some mommy and me books that fit in to the day’s theme really well 🙂

Lulu and I had loads of fun doing these mama daughter date activities together. I know it meant a lot to her to have a large chunk of my day be focused on her.

Whether you have multiple children who might not love sharing the attention, or just one child that would enjoy a special day, taking some time to have intentional one-on-one time with your kiddos can mean so much to them!

Have you ever done a mama-and-me day with your kids?

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With Valentine’s Day being right after Galentine’s Day, be sure to check out our love bug craft we made!


47 thoughts on “Mama & Daughter Date With Your Preschooler

  1. days I spent with mother where a pure treasure to me when I was little. These are the memories I have now, I treasure them a lot. it doesn’t really matter what you do you just need to do that together!

    1. Absolutely! Ours had a little Valentines-y theme to it since it was right before V-day, but this is great for anytime of the year ?

  2. This is so awesome. My daughter is almost 15, but we still do stuff like this. She was my Valentine’s this year and we traded gifts and whatnot. So awesome. I’m totally loving this DIY mirror, that’s cute!

  3. Oh my goodness these are soooo cute!!! I have time pin this. My daughter is going to LOVE the mirror activity! What a cute idea!

    1. Its soooo easy and provides so much fun afterwards too 🙂 almost a week later and Lulu is still playing with it everyday lol

  4. I have two little cuties and am always looking for ways to connect with them and spend quality time. I know my little daughter would love the mirror craft and both of my little girls would enjoy making the cookies. Please, keep coming with the cool ideas. We love them!

    1. Thank you!! We had fun making it, and Lulu is still playing with it a week later! The cookies didn’t last that long, though 😉

  5. It is so important to spend one on one time with your kids. Childhood blows by so quickly! An the cardboard mirror craft is awesome – pinning to do with my daughter soon!

  6. such a cute post. these types of activities brings interest for the kids. you shared some cool ideas and especially crafting is good one.

  7. This is so cute! I love the cookie decorations and think it’s a great idea to spend quality time with your preschooler/

  8. sooo cute… I like spending time with my niece too.. Everytime I go home, I spend more time with my niece. We cook and create fancy things too..good job mama.. time with kids are the most precious thing

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