Letters of the Week: I, J, and K

Days are starting to blend together over here haha. Not that I’d be doing a ton with a newborn anyway, but it’s still a big difference from when we were regularly going to the store, parks, visiting family and friends, and whatever else! The one routine we’ve been able to keep up with is our preschool alphabet activities, and this week I’m sharing some stuff we did for the letters I, J, and K!

We had a jam-packed week with these 3 letters! Lu got to practice counting, pencil control, and had lots of crafts. I think your family will enjoy them a lot, too!

Here are our preschool alphabet activities for the week:

-Letter I-

You’re Invited!

Have some pretend play fun with these sweet and silly invitation printables! Your kiddo can choose from either a princess or pirate themed party to host in your living room. Print out one for fun, or print out a bunch and have an impromptu party with friends!

Build an Igloo

Preschool Letter Activities for I, J, + K | thegrowingcreatives.com

This craft works on gluing/control and counting! Cut out some squares and number each of them. We had 8!

Then you can either draw a thin line for your preschooler to glue them along, or simply point to the next spot as they go along. Have them turn their igloo into a big I!

Who Am I?

Another cute printable that focuses on “I” for the letter I. Fill out the questions with your child and have them draw a portrait of themselves, as well as one of the whole family! It’s a simple way to show their uniqueness!

I is for Ice Cream

Preschool Letter Activities for I, J, + K | thegrowingcreatives.com

Yum! For this activity your kiddo can build their own ice cream cone. What we did first was have Lu practice using a ruler by drawing straight lines across a piece of brown paper. This was cut into an “I” to be our cone!

Next, cut out some ice cream scoops. We went with strawberry, mint chocolate chip (chips drawn by Lu), and sherbet! Then just have your kiddo glue them on overlapping each other.

-Letter J-

J is for Juggler

Preschool Letter Activities for I, J, + K | thegrowingcreatives.com

This fun craft turns the letter J into a juggler! Start by cutting out a J, 3 circles, and arms. I am awful at drawing hands so they were just circles, worked  fine though haha.

Have your little one glue the J on with hands bent upwards from the side. Glue the 3 balls on top as though the J tossed them up there. Then put on a little smiley face and you have a juggler! 10/10 chance your kids will try juggling themselves after this, so just stand back to avoid getting hit in the face haha.

J’s in the Jungle

A quick and easy printable to help get your kids familiar with the letter J. Search through the mixed up letters in the jungle to find all the big and little Jj’s. And look closely, a couple of them are hiding!

Jellyfish Craft

Preschool Letter Activities for I, J, + K | thegrowingcreatives.com

This jellyfish craft is SO easy but SO adorable. All you need is a paper plate and some pipe cleaners! Check out the full post I shared last week to get the step by step directions.

Jumpin’ Jellybeans! 

The jellybeans don’t actually jump in this activity, I just thought it sounded cute haha. This is actually a fun little activity to work on colors and counting! In the printable pack below, you’ll find a page with different colored circles on them.

Grab a bag of jellybeans and separate them onto the different circles. When you’re done with them all, count them out to see how many there are of each color. Then take a jellybean snack break, duh!

– Letter K-

Lost Kitten Maze

A poor little kitty has gotten lost and can’t find their way home! Print out the activity sheet below so your preschooler can follow the maze and lead the kitten back to its home.

K is for Kite

K is for Kite Letter Activity | thegrowingcreatives.com

My kids really loved this one! I cut out a Kite from a white piece of paper. Then I drew a big K in the middle with white crayon. It’s important to actually use crayon for this– not colored pencils or paint!

Your kiddo can then use watercolors to decorate their kite. Notice how the crayon wax deflects the paint and keeps the K form!

Search the Kindgom for the K’s

Another letter search worksheet! This one is to find the big and little Kk’s for the king! Look around the kingdom and circle the Kk’s from all the other letters.

Make your own Kaleidoscope

This last one is a super cool one I found from The Crafting Chicks. They walk you through a tutorial on how to make your own kaleidoscope. How cool is that?? Any kiddo would go nuts over a fun craft like that!

Get your free I, J, and K printable pack here!

We had a busy, but very fun, week learning about I. J, and K. All of these preschool alphabet activities have been a blast to come up with, and I love hearing from those of you who are loving them as well!

Learning together has been so fun for Lu and I, and as always the quality time spent together is priceless. Make sure to check back soon for Week L. There’s sure to be some awesome preschool alphabet activities for it!

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Preschool Letter Activities for I, J, + K | thegrowingcreatives.com

6 thoughts on “Letters of the Week: I, J, and K

  1. Loved all of these activities! As a former teacher, I love all of the hands on activities. Great job!

  2. I love alphabet crafts! They are so easy to come up with because there are so many options for each letter. My son is obsessed with the alphabet right now too! He’s four, my five-year-old daughter is ironically the one who needs help with the alphabet. Great post! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Right?! It’s been so fun for us. And isn’t it funny how they all just have different levels of interest in things?

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