Letter of the Week: L

Starting to act a little more like springtime for us the past few days! We’ve spent a lot more time outside which is SO NEEDED right now. I hope you and your fam have been able to get outside more often too!

It’s been getting harder to focus on preschool curriculum now between wanting to get outside and having a newborn with a seemingly different schedule everyday. The one thing I’m glad we stick to though is our letter of the week crafts. Not only does it cover the alphabet, but the specific activities help her work on counting, numbers, size differentiation, pencil/scissors control, and so much more!

If you’ve been keeping up this far (and noticed the title of this post ha), you’ll know this week we are doing activities for the letter L! As usual, we’ve got some crafts, some printables, and we even snuck in a meal this time 😉

Activities for the letter L:

L is for Llama

Activities for the letter L : L is for Llama | thegrowingcreatives.com

Llama’s are a big hit in our household lately, thanks to the book series Llama Llama. So Lulu was excited for this craft! To start with, I outlined an “L” and let her cut it out. I figured if the edges were jagged it could be the “llama fur” LOL but really she did great.

This may be commonplace for you already, but it never ceases to amaze me at how well she does when I let her do something on her own! It feels crazy that our kids are getting older and able to do so much, right? So when my 4 year old busts out a nearly perfect L, I’m like whaaaat child you are a scissors genius, haha.

Anywho, so then I cut out the tiny triangle ears, tiny rectangle legs, and a little oval face. And I let her glue it all down. Then I drew a smiley face and a half circle on the llama’s back for her to fill in and decorate as the llama’s little saddle, just because it looked cute lol.

L is for Left Hand

Activities for the letter L : L is for Left Hand | thegrowingcreatives.com

This was another quick activity where I outlined both kiddos’ left hands. Then I just drew a red “L” to show them how your left hand makes an “L” with the pointer and thumb. I’ve explained it to Lu before when showing her left from right, but she got a kick out of seeing the L more easily from the tracing!

Ladybug Counting

My daughter is the ladybug queen, so we couldn’t let this week go without ladybug activity! It turned out to be one of her favorite activities for the letter L. For this one we use a printable to practice counting.

In the pack below you’ll find some ladybug friends with different numbers of black spots on them. Have your little one count to see how many spots are found on each ladybug’s back! I’ve also included ladybugs with no spots with numbers next to them for your kiddo to draw on the correct number.

Leaf Art

Activities for the letter L : L is for Leaf | thegrowingcreatives.com

Go outside together and let them pick out a bunch of leaves they like. They can grab some other natural elements too if they want! Once they have all their leafy art materials, grab the paint and a sheet of paper. 

Use the paint to cover one side of the leaves, and then press them on to the paper like a stamp! Check out the post I shared last fall when we first did this craft– the results are actually pretty beautiful!

*Bonus* if it’s fall then of course you have to run back outside and JUMP into a pile of leaves! 🙂

Pick the Ll’s off the Lemon Tree

This is the next printable you’ll find in the pack below. There are a bunch of lemons hanging on a lemon tree, and the ones with an Ll on them are ripe and ready for the picking! Have your preschooler pick the Ll’s out from the rest of the letters

Lunch break!

Does your kiddo love helping out in the kitchen? Let them help make lunch for the both of you! Something that will surely make them roll their eyes when they get older, is a fun way to exercise their independence as a preschooler!

We kept it simple and went with turkey sandwiches. Mayo isn’t too difficult to spread, and she only slightly shredded the turkey while taking it out of the bag haha. Either way, Lu loved being able to say she made our lunch for us, and it’s helped her remember which meal is which now, too! 

Lesson Time

What better way to learn something, than to teach others about it? Let your kiddo teach YOU a lesson this week! Plus having them feel like they’re teaching you is a huge confidence builder.

The picture above is just meant to be silly, but I did encourage Lu to teach me how to write the alphabet. She can’t write all of them, but is very good at writing her own name. The pack below has a fun note taking page so your kiddo knows you’re taking the lesson seriously!

Get your Letter L printables here!

I hope you enjoy these little activities for the letter L! It’s been a lot of fun going through preschool lessons in this way. Head back to the post on I, J, and K if you need to catch up. And be on the lookout next week for the post on the letter M!

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Activities for the letter L : Letter of the Week | thegrowingcreatives.com

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