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This past weekend my baby J turned two! TWO!! I have no clue where the past two years have gone. I am thankful he’s too young to be affected by having a birthday “in isolation”, but we did try to make it special.

His two big interests right now are anything truck and tractor related, and cookies haha. So I made him a cookie cake with crumbled Oreos on top shaped as a two, with a dump truck pouring them out. I burnt his first cake that I forgot about until about halfway through a bible study Zoom meeting *face palm*, but I had ingredients to make a different (albeit less amazing) cookie cake the morning of. Such is life! 

J got some new play dough for his birthday, so naturally we used it for one of our activities for the letter H this week! You’ll find that and a few other fun ideas below. Make sure to snag your printable worksheets at the bottom! 

Here are our activities for the letter H:

H is for Heart

Activities for the letter H >>> H is for Heart | thegrowingcreatives.com

This craft is simple but covers multiple areas. Just cut out a bunch of hearts and glue them into an H!

For sharing purposes, I cut these hearts out for Lu to glue down. But I also had her do some on her own. So in addition to familiarizing her with the letter H, she also was able to work on cutting, gluing, and following the lines I made for her to put the hearts into an H!


Here’s another that can help with scissor control. Get this printable below where you’ll find 4 cute little faces with some crazy hair. Your kiddos can take their time cutting along the lines and become little hairdressers!

Just make sure to keep the real scissors away so they don’t try this on their little brother haha!

Make Your Own Hat!

Activities for the letter H >>> H is for Hat | thegrowingcreatives.com

My kiddos LOVED this one, and it provided some pretend play fun long after the craft itself. First we took some sturdy paper plates and painted them. We used watercolor because it looks so pretty, but if you have thinner plates then I would use regular paint, markers, or crayons to avoid it curling from the water.

Once they’re done decorating the plates, cut it 4 times across the top as if you were cutting 8 slices of pie. Bend each triangle up and stick it on their head for a hat! This way is nice because you can guess the size and then just cut it back a little more until it fits around their head. 

Hunt for the H’s

Another fun printable you can get below! Have your kids go on a hunt throughout the house for items that start with an H. The print below has a list to start with, but I’m sure there’s more to be found!

H is for Hot Chocolate

Activities for the letter H >>> H is for Hot Chocolate | thegrowingcreatives.com

With all the snow we’ve been getting lately, despite the fact that it’s APRIL, hot chocolate just felt appropriate. We cut out an H and decorated it to look like a cup of some hot cocoa.

To turn your H into a cup of goodness, first have the kiddos paint brown across the top for the drink. Then cut up some marshmallows or use tiny ones to glue on the painted area. Optional but highly recommended is to then eat some marshmallows, preferably while in a yummy cup of hot chocolate. 

Cut a C shape out and glue it to the side for a handle. Then decorate your cup however you’d like! We went with “World’s Best Sister” because, let’s be real, Lu is a pretty awesome sister to her little bros and deserves a mug that says so. But she’s 4 so she gets a paper mug– they don’t chip! 

Hexagon Bee Hive

On to our next fun printable! Below you’ll find a sheet full of hexagons to cut out. I lined them all up to make cutting easier. Your kiddo can color them yellow if they’d like, to make their bee hive look more legit!

Once they have all their hexagon pieces, they can put them together to make differently shaped bee hives. They can even work on making a big H and little h with the shapes!

Play Dough Hedgehog

Activities for the letter H >>> H is for Hedgehog | thegrowingcreatives.com

Guys, I don’t know why play dough is so fun but it IS. We were in need of some fresh play dough, and ever since J got more for his birthday our kitchen table has turned into a 24/7 play dough work area. So I came up with a way to incorporate it into our learning, and thus the play dough hedgehog was made.

I just rolled a ball, made a nose, stuck some eyes on, and let them stick toothpicks in it. Seriously– and they loved it! I think we will start to use play dough for our learning activities more often, they have so much fun it and it can be used in so many ways. 

Helicopter Searching for H’s

The final printable in our pack helps kids recognize Hh versus other letters. This week, they can search for the Hh clouds in the sky with a helicopter. 

Click here for your Letter H printables!

If you missed G week, hop on back to that one, or get caught up from the beginning with letter A. Otherwise, I shall see you next week for a combined post on letters I, J, and K!

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