Letter of the Week: F

Happy Friday, friends! This week Lulu and I worked on activities for the letter F. I’m really impressed with how much she’s been absorbing since we started doing preschool at home, and I love coming up with fun ways to teach her!

One of my favorite crafts from this week was our F is for Family craft. It’s especially meaningful as we (impatiently) await our newest family member! I will add the picture of our craft once it’s completed with our little dude’s addition 🙂

In the meantime, here are the activities for the letter F that we worked on this week:

F is for Flag Craft

Activities for the Letter F | thegrowingcreatives.com

Lulu has been working on cutting and gluing a lot recently. For this craft, I let her practice using my paper-cutter, and she did awesome! Then we worked together to glue the pieces down straight, and turned our F into an American flag. 

Animal Footprints 

Activities for the Letter F | thegrowingcreatives.com

We love guessing what the different tracks are in the snow and mud, so I knew Lu would get a kick out of this activity! We used the printable included below to learn what different animal footprints look like. Then I made a game out of it and covered up the names for her to guess.

First Aid Kit

Safety first! We made our own first aid kit by raiding the dollar store. I let Lulu pick out the container she liked, then we got some of the basic care items like band aids, an ice pack, and Neosporin. It was actually an interesting learning experience for her to go through some ways we can fix boo-boos! 

Fruit Smell Game

We turned some of our favorite foods into a little game! First I cut up some fruits that the kids like and put them into individual bowls. Then I put a blindfold on Lu and let her smell each one to guess what it was.

After that we did the same thing, but with taste! It was a fun way to have our snack and I actually got her to try a new fruit that she ended up loving haha.

Friendship Flower

Activities for the Letter F | thegrowingcreatives.com

This activity was a nice way to mix learning with social skills. I cut out petals and a center for a flower and helped Lulu glue them on. Then we went around each petal and wrote a way to be a good friend to others!

Feed the Farm Animals

This is a silly printable for your kiddo to find the right letter mixed in with other letters. It’s set to a Farm theme, so the object is to gather all the Ff’s to feed the farm animals!

F is for Family 

I was pretty excited about this craft! Everyone in our household took turns putting a hand print over the other to showcase what makes up our family. It’s a perfect craft to save as a keepsake or even frame and hang up!

Fishbowl Sorting

Activities for the Letter F | thegrowingcreatives.com

Another silly sorting game, this one helps kiddos work on upper and lower case. There are two printables included below. The first is of two fish bowls labeled “F” and “f”.

Then there is a page full of little fishies that will have a big or little F on them as well. Your preschooler can sort each fish into the correct fishbowl, and I highly recommend a reward of goldfish crackers afterwards 🙂 

Activities for the Letter F | thegrowingcreatives.com

Here are your Letter F Activity Printables!

I hope you and your littles enjoy these activities for the letter F! Coming up with fun ways to continuously expose Lu to the alphabet has been really effective for us, and a lot of fun. Don’t forget to catch up with letter E if you missed it!

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Activities for the Letter F | thegrowingcreatives.com

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