Letter of the Week: E

Everyone had a blast with our letter E activities this week. We had a couple of crafts, and even a science experiment! I’m soaking in this last little bit of time before the new baby comes, so doing these activities together has been really wonderful.

I try to have a variety of activity types each week,  and I think we did a good job with that for letter E! It’s so helpful for kids to not only have repetition, but have activities for each way they learn. To read more about the different ways kiddos receive info, check out this post here!

Here are the letter E activities we worked on this week:

What Starts with E?

As always, we start and end our week with this worksheet. At the beginning of the week, see what words they can come up with on their own, but give some ideas if they get stumped. Circle back to it at the end of the week and see how much more they can think of with only the prompting of making the /e/ sound. 

E is for Earth Craft

E is for Earth >> Letter E Activities | thegrowingcreatives.com

Marbled shaving cream crafts are always so fun and give you the coolest end result! My fiancé was even impressed by how cool our designs looked from this haha. This week we turned a letter E into an earth by using blue and green food coloring. 

First, you get the sensory end of it where the kids can mix the food coloring around with a toothpick. Then we placed our E in the cream face down, and simply lifted it straight back out again. Wipe off the excess shaving cream and you’ll be left with an awesome marbled design on the paper!

Eye Spy

Game time! This classic game is a fun way to focus on the E word “eye”. I’ve included a printable search game with zoo animals below. But you could also play it the traditional way and take turns picking an object and letting the other person goes it through yes/no questions!

Disappearing Egg Shell Science Experiment

Disappearing Egg Shell Science Activity >> Letter E Activities | thegrowingcreatives.com

I always love how amazed kiddos are from different science experiments. To be honest, I’ve been amazed by some of the ones we’ve done as well, and this disappearing egg-shell was one of them!

All you have to do is put an egg gently into a jar and fill it 3/4 of the way with straight vinegar. Set the lid on top to still allow a bit of room for gas to escape. Then wait 2 days!

When you come back to it, you’ll notice the egg is a different color. After taking it out and washing it off, your kiddos will be amazed to see a fully intact egg yolk, with the shell completely gone! I suggest letting the kids check it out over a pan at the table, as Lulu dropped hers about 5 seconds after picking it up haha.

E is for Easter Egg Craft

E is for Egg Craft >> Letter E Activities | thegrowingcreatives.com

Our next craft was actually another egg activity! This time we made pull-apart eggs that reveal a message inside. This super easy craft is great for kiddos that love to paint. And the fact that they pull apart is so fun for secret messages! For a full tutorial on making this, check out my post where we made these same eggs for this year’s Easter craft. 

Fix the Engine

This printable activity has your preschooler searching for the big and little Ee’s to get an Engine working. Picking out specific letters among the rest of the alphabet has been a really effective way for Lu to differentiate what we’re working on from other letters!

Exercise Routine

Our last E activity this week is perfect for energetic or cooped up kids! Exercise is super important to encourage in young ones. So, working on the letter E seemed like a great reason to focus on it! I made up a little exercise routine for kiddos to follow in the printable pack below. It’s really fun and burns up some of their endless energy!

Snag your Letter E Printables here!!

Lots of these crafts and activities can be done again and again separately from working on letters, but that’s what makes them even better in my book! I love when we find activities that the kids love to repeat, and are easy to recreate. These letter E activities have been super entertaining for us this week!

Missed the letters we’ve worked on so far? Hop back one to letter D or to the beginning at letter A and get caught up 🙂

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