Letter of the Week: C

Trucking right along to letter C for our Letter of the Week activities! We had a crazy week chalk full of cookies, indoor camping, cowboys chasing chickens, and caterpillar races! Confused yet? Haha.

Letter of the Week Activities: Letter C | thegrowingcreatives.com

Really though, this has been a fun week working on the letter C. There were so many ideas I didn’t have time to get to, I think we may have to circle back to this letter and add some more on later! For now I’ve got 8 awesome activities before for you to try. 

And don’t forget to grab the corresponding printables for some of the activities towards the bottom of this post! 

C is for Car Craft

C is for Car Letter Activity | thegrowingcreatives.com

For this one, we didn’t actually make the C into a car. Instead, we made it into a racetrack to drive cars on! This one couldn’t be any more simple. Just cut a C out of some black construction paper, and put yellow lines down the middle. Since my son is absolutely obsessed with vehicles, we ended up making a bunch of C racetracks and taping the together on the floor to give him a larger track to drive on!

Shaving Cream Cloud Sensory Play 

My kiddos went nuts over this one. And again, SO easy! I sprayed a decent amount of shaving cream into a baking sheet, and let them scribble around for a bit. Then to bring it back to our lesson, Lulu practiced writing A, B, and C in the cream. Before you clean this up, check out the next idea!

C is for Colorful Cream

While you have the shaving cream out, try this fun craft too! Add some food coloring randomly throughout the cream. Let the kids mix it around a bit with a toothpick or something else pointy. Then you can take a piece of white construction paper and place it over the top. When you take the paper off and wipe the excess cream off, you’ll be left with super cool marbled art work!

Easily make this into another “C” craft by using painters tape to block off letter C area. Once the papers are dry and you pull the tape off, there will be a white C surrounded by the marbled color! 

Cupcake Decorator

Cupcake Decorator Letter Activity | thegrowingcreatives.com

An activity that’s perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth! Download and print out the printables below so your little one can decorate their own cupcake. Included will be a large plain cupcake, as well as decorations of different shapes, sizes, and colors, all with big and little C’s on them.

Your kids can decorate the cupcake however they like, or you can give them specific instructions. For example, “decorate using only big C’s”, “only put green pieces on”, or “put 3 of each color on the cupcake”. This letter of the week activity can be super versatile to work with colors, counting, and shapes as well! 

C is for Crayon Craft

C is for Crayon Letter Activity | thegrowingcreatives.com

For some reason my daughter has a thing about crayons lately. She even asked for a crayon-inspired birthday cake. (Check out the end of my post for the letter B to see her cake!) So naturally we had to do a craft that involved crayons this week.

Cut out a C template to tape gently to a piece of construction paper. Again, I recommend painter’s tape or cheap scotch tape so that it doesn’t rip the paper up.

Pick out a handful of crayons that you don’t mind sacrificing to the cause haha. You can either take scissors to shave them into small pieces, or use a grater. Scissors are easier to clean up afterward, so that’s what we went with. Let your kiddo lay out the small bits of crayon all over the paper.

Then put it on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Heat it in the oven at 200 degrees, and watch for it to melt. It shouldn’t take too long! When it seems melted enough, you can take it out and let it cool. OR your kiddo can make it look more marbly by running a toothpick around it.

Caterpillar Race

Caterpillar Race, Letter C Activity | thegrowingcreatives.com

This one is sure to entice lots of giggles. And if you’re anything like me, and have kids that are anything like you, it may entice a bit of competitiveness as well LOL! 

Cut a rectangle out of construction paper for each person who wants a caterpillar to race. Fold it in half, then unfold and fold each end into the center.  From there, fold the new ends into the center as well. Cut the ends slightly to round them out, and unfold the entire thing. You should have 8 even sections that make up your caterpillar’s body. Draw a smiley face and you’re ready to race!

Caterpillar Race, Letter C Activity | thegrowingcreatives.com

Have each caterpillar line up at the “starting line”. When the race starts, each person has to blow on their caterpillar with the straw to inch it along towards the finish line. First one to make it wins! I’ve seen this done using a straw as well, but we did fine without one! I suggest not making it too long of a race so that no one gets light-headed haha.

Counting Cows

This is another printable you can snatch below. Each of the cows has a different number of spots on them to count. Have your little one work on numbers while also getting familiar with the letter C! 

Cookie Monster

Who can learn about C’s all week and not need a cookie break?! Just pick your favorite recipe and make up some cookies for this activity! We happened to have alphabet cookie cutters, so we did shape ours into A’s, B’s, and C’s to learn while we snacked. 

Cowboy’s Lost Chickens

Cowboy's Lost Chickens Letter C Activity | thegrowingcreatives.com

This one is so ridiculous, it just makes me laugh! For our letter search this week, a cowboy’s chickens got out of the coop. Your kiddo has to “lasso” (aka circle) the big and little C’s to get  them back home.

Letter C Activities Free Printable pack | thegrowingcreatives.com

Click here for your free C printables!

I hope your preschooler has fun with these letter of the week activities! We did have a little living room camp out this week as well, but that was more for Lulu’s birthday than our letter of the week activities. If you’re feeling inspired, camping IS another great C word. I’ll be sharing about our living room campout on Monday. So check back for that post, and maybe add it to your activities for the week!

Otherwise, have an awesome week and I’ll see you next week for the letter of the week activities for letter D!

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