Letter of the Week: B

Moving right along, next up for our Letter of the Week is the letter B! There are so many fun words that start with B, I had a hard time deciding what to include. Lulu and I definitely had a lot of fun with our preschool letter activities this week, and they were super helpful for her learning!

Some of the activities will be similar to last weeks, and I may include them every week with the updated letter. Others are unique and special for this week. I made several printable activities, so be sure to scroll to the bottom and snatch ’em up!

What Starts With B?

This is the same activity we did for “A” last week. I really love using it as a starting point! You can start your week off helping your kiddo come up with some B words. Then at the end of the week, just make a “buh” sound and see what words they can come up with on their own!

B is for Bus Craft

B is for Bus: Preschool Letter Activities for the Letter B | thegrowingcreatives.com

I love all the creative ideas out there for turning a letter into something that starts with it! This week we chose to turn our B into a Bus. Even though Lulu doesn’t take one yet, she gets so excited when we see it go by each day! So this was a perfect craft for her. It also works out perfectly that the holes in the letter B make perfect windows 🙂

B’s in a Boat

B's in a Boat: Preschool Letter Activities for the Letter B | thegrowingcreatives.com

This next one was a fun printable I made that Lu loved! It brings attention to the “b” in boat, as well as the difference between a little b and big B. The object of this activity is to find both little and big b’s in the water and put lifesavers (aka circles) around them so they can be pulled back to the boat. These type of activities really work well for Lulu to grasp the difference in a letter B versus other letters. 

Letter B Sensory Bin

Letter B Sensory Bin: Preschool Letter Activities for the Letter B | thegrowingcreatives.com

You all know how much I love making sensory bins for my kiddos! So we will be making them for our preschool letter activities periodically as well. This week we had one filled with Barley. If you have beans, that would work really great too! We looked around the house for small B toys that we could bury. We came up with a few letter B magnets, a bunny, a banana, bread, a bus, and some birthday candles.

Hungry Baby

Hungry Baby: Preschool Letter Activities for the Letter B | thegrowingcreatives.com

The next printable we did was perfectly timed as we await baby #3 haha! I put several foods that start with B, as well as some that start with other letters. We said what each item was out loud and worked through which started with a “b” sound. For the one that did, Lu drew a line from the food to baby’s mouth to feed him!

Let’s Write a Book

I think this one was my favorite of all the activities this week! Using the printable included below, we wrote out a short story using B letters. I’ve included a word bank for easy reference, but of course feel free to use any words you can think of! It is so sweet, and often hilarious, to see where a child’s imagination can lead.

Fun fact, when I was in grade school we would get sent home with a list of words to learn each week. Our homework was to use each word in a sentence. For some reason, I always decided to connect all the sentences into one silly story! So this activity is fun for me in a sentimental way, to now see my daughter doing something similar. 

B is for Bead Craft

B is for Beads: Preschool Letter Activities for the Letter B | thegrowingcreatives.com

Aaaaaand another B craft since they are so fun. If I had to guess, I would say this one was Lu’s favorite activity. She picked out some pipe cleaners and then strung beads on. Once one was filled up, I curled the two tops inward and folded the little ends over to make a B.

She loves making bead art, so we did this for quite a while! Using pipe cleaners is SO much nicer at this age, since they don’t fall right off like they would a string.

Bake a Birthday Cake!

Hey here’s an even better fun fact than my earlier one: Lulu’s birthday is this Sunday! She’s turning 4 and I cannot comprehend where the time went. But it worked out perfectly with our preschool letter activities, since she’s getting a birthday cake anyway 🙂

In case you don’t want to actually bake one, I included a birthday cake printable in the pack below that your kiddo can color in and decorate. We colored that this week since I knew I’d be making a birthday cake this weekend anyway. I will come back in a few days to update the post with her fancy shmancy cake! (Well hopefully it’s fancy shmancy haha)

A hilarious craft fail

I did have one other craft planned, and it failed miserably lol!! I like to keep a realistic approach to this blog, so I thought y’all might find it as funny as I did, how badly this craft turned out! The plan was to do some bubble art for a “B is for Bubble” craft.

Apparently you’re supposed to color soapy water, blow bubbles into it, and then place your paper over top for a cool bubbly color effect. First off, I couldn’t find our straws.

Then it dawned on me that I have an old breast pump with extra tubes. So I cut those into smaller pieces to use. Yes, you heard me. Old breast pump tubes. For the record though– it totally worked!

Letter B Pinterest Fail

The craft, however, did not work. No color was transferring at all. Then I thought maybe we could put some food coloring drops on and put the bubbles over that. Nope! So I decided to just let Lu go crazy with the bubbles and call it a day.

Meanwhile J is over there watching his sister play with bubbles like WTH mom?! I figured he had watched her do it enough that maybe he could get it too. NOPE he immediately started to drink it. Basically the whole thing was a gigantic mom fail and I couldn’t stop laughing at all of it. Sorry kids!

Back to our Best Buddy, B

Anyway, I hope you and your kiddos enjoy these preschool letter activities! We had a blast with them. I’m loving how much Lu is learning through purposeful activities that introduce her to lessons in a playful way. In case you missed it, check out our Letter A activities from last week!

Click here to get your free printable preschool activities for the letter B!

Free Printables for Letter B Activities

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