Letter of the Week: A

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Week one of exploring the alphabet, here we go! Lulu can sing the ABC’s, but since I didn’t do much structured learning with her in the past, she doesn’t know all the letters visually. Some, yes, but not all!

So I figured we may as well add this in to our curriculum and start doing a letter of the week. My goal is to share with you every week after we’ve spent some time doing different activities for each letter. First up to bat is A!

I tried to keep in mind the different ways kids learn. So these activities go beyond the typical worksheets and dry erase books. We found lots of ways to explore the letter A through crafts, pretend play, music, and other hands on activities!

Sidenote before we get started: Learning the alphabet is so important, but for preschool aged kids, the most important thing is to keep it FUN and interesting! We use our letter of the week activities as only one part of our learning.

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Letter of the Week activities for letter A | thegrowingcreatives.com

Ok, back to letter A! Some of the activities below include printables, so don’t forget to sign up at the end so you can have them all sent to your email! 

What Starts With A?

This one is simple but can help your child see how much they already know! I’ve included a large A in the printables below for convenience or if you want to laminate and reuse. But we just drew it right in Lu’s notebook!

What Starts With A Activity >> Letter of the Week: A | thegrowingcreatives.com

This activity is a simple way to introduce the letter of the week. Make the “a” sound for them and see what words they can come up with that start with that sound. Once they run out of their own ideas, feel free to help a bit more to give more of a variety!

Another great way to use this is to come back to it again at the end of the week. They will have so many more words that come to mind. It will give your little learner a visual of how much they learned that week!

A-Themed Pretend Play

Pretend play is always a great way to break up lessons. If you put the theme of the play to your lesson, then the kids can continue learning in a way they love! For the letter A, we pretended to be animals.

Your kiddos can pretend to be any animal they wish, and as they play you can emphasize the word -A-nimals to reinforce the sound with the letter. 

A is for Angel Craft

For our first craft to decorate the letter A, we turned it into an angel! It was pretty simple, but the end result is so adorable!

A is for Angel Craft >> Letter of the Week: A | thegrowingcreatives.com

Have your little one put two handprints down with white paint. Then use strips of paper to glue an A together. I glued the A before attaching it to the paper so that I could cut a straight line across the top and bottoms.

Then let your preschooler glue it between the two handprints, which are now angel wings! We kept it simple after this and just added some googly eyes, a nose, and mouth. Finish up by painting a halo above the top!

Let’s Get Baking!

Baking together is the perfect way for kids to have hands on learning. For the letter A, we kept it simple and made Applesauce! We made a small batch that only requires 4 apples, so we also took the time to let Lu try out the peeler for the first time. She went a little crazy with it, but overall did a good job!

I’ve included an easy recipe for applesauce below. Print it out and set it on the table while you bake. It will help keep their focus on the A in applesauce as they work on making their own!

Alien Abduction

This activity was a little silly, but Lu loved it. I drew a spaceship with some little aliens in her notebook. Then I drew circles all around the spaceship. Inside the circles, some had big and little A’s, while others had other letters. Lu had to go around and mark which ones were A’s for the aliens to take back up to space with them.

Alien "A" Abduction activity >> Letter of the Week: A | thegrowingcreatives.com

She thought it was so silly! This was one that I’d like to have laminated in the future since she enjoyed it so much. So, while I just drew it in the notebook again, I’ve also made a printable that you can use instead! I will definitely be printing it out to use again in the future.

Snack Break!

This one is quick and easy. Our snack of the week was, of course, animal crackers! One of the kids’ (and mom’s) favorites, and the perfect break from our lesson.

A is for Arrow

A-shaped craft numba 2! For this one we made the letter A into an arrow. Very simple to do!

Arrow Craft >> Letter of the Week: A | thegrowingcreatives.com

Take thicker cardstock and cut out strips for the A. Lay the two A-side pieces over each other with the outer corners touching (like shown below). Then you can cut off the excess hanging over to make the A come to a point, like an arrow would.

Next, I glued those pieces together and let them dry a bit. Glue a shorter piece across to complete the letter as well. Then turn it over and glue whatever you’re using as the arrow stick on top of the across piece. We used a paint stirrer! Take another piece of shorter cardstock and glue that over the arrow stick and to the other piece of cardstock.

A is for Arrow craft >> Letter of the Week: A | thegrowingcreatives.com

Just let it dry and you’re all set! You can decorate it however you’d like– we painted the stirrer purple at Lulu’s request.

Apples In The Basket

This printable activity helps kiddos work on big A’s versus little a’s. Just print out the pages included in the packet below, and cut out the pieces.

Apples in the Basket activity >> Letter of the Week: A | thegrowingcreatives.com

It includes 2 baskets– one labeled for big A and the other for little a. Then there are a handful of apples with big or little A’s on them.

Your preschooler can sort them out by placing the big A’s with the matching basket, and likewise with the little a’s!

Paper Airplane

For the last craft/activity, I broke out some old school fun. We made paper airplanes! I totally forgot how to even make them and used this tutorial I found on Pinterest.

Paper Airplane activity >> Letter of the Week: A | thegrowingcreatives.com

After we made the airplane, I drew an outline of each side and a line across. That way when it was closed it looked like an A! As you can see, I had just as much fun with this activity as the kids did haha.

I hope you enjoyed the crafts and activities we came up with for our letter of the week– Lucky letter A! Make sure to share and save this for later so that you have all the inspiration you need when teaching the alphabet to little ones! Stay tuned for next week when we turn out focus to the letter B.

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Letter of the Week activities for letter A | thegrowingcreatives.com

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  1. Wow this is so clever! My son isn’t old enough yet, but I always try to save activities like this one so when the time comes we can plan our day out with these fun ways of learning! Thanks so much for sharing this!

    1. Thank you 😊 And oh yeah I save stuff ahead of my kids’ ages all the time! That way I’m prepared when they’re ready for it

  2. My mom used to be a Waldorf teacher and this reminds me of all the fun activities she planned for her kids around each letter of the alphabet. Fun ideas! Thanks.

    1. Thanks, Jackie! They are– you should be able to sign up at the end of the post and they get sent to your email 😊

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    1. I’m so sorry about that! I haven’t been as active here since our own homeschooling journey has gotten a lot busier, and sometimes I miss email issues for a period of time! I got my emails squared away today and saw your name on the queue, so it should have sent out today 🙂

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