Keeping Your Homeschooler Active

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Physical activity is just as important for homeschoolers as it is for those in public schools. I would even argue that homeschooling allows for more opportunities for kids to burn energy and stay active. But there are a few caveats!

In the winter months, we don’t necessarily have an entire gym set aside for kids to run around in. Even in the warmer months, although it is wonderful and needed to get outside often, it’s also good for kids to learn specific sports. They can benefit a lot from not only free playing to burn energy, but also following directions and learning skills. 

For this purpose, my kiddos have been going through the ​Preschool Mixed Martial Arts by Family Mixed Martial Arts Videos. I’m usually not a huge fan of screen time, but I’ve been impressed with how engaging these videos are and how much my daughter is learning! It’s a fantastic option for getting some physical activity in

We’ve been trying out the Preschool Mixed Martial Arts during these cold months when we weren’t outside as much. My kids get so excited to do some of the videos each time! And the best part is it’s actually geared toward kids.

Preschool Mixed Martial Arts 

My favorite part of these videos is that they are really meant for kids. The instructor speaks clear and slower to make it easier for little ears to understand, and she teaches at a speed that kids can keep up with. They also use fun props, backdrops, and games.

Keeping your homeschooler active |

The set up is super easy to follow. The video lessons have warm ups, new techniques to master, plenty of reviews and different exercises throughout. It’s mastery based, so you can move at the pace it takes your children to master each lesson. 

Something else that focused on within these lessons is building character. is why I love that we’re doing mixed martial arts in particular. These skills help build confidence as kids excel at the different lessons. They learn techniques for self-control as well as ways to defend themselves. It’s awesome to not only work on physical health, but also build them up mentally as well!

Keeping your homeschooler active |

If you’re looking for a fun and stimulating way to keep your kids active while homeschooling, the Preschool Mixed Martial Arts videos are a great option to try! To see more reviews on them, head over to the Homeschool Review Crew.

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Keeping your homeschooler active |

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  1. It’s so important to stay active and engaged with our little ones. I love these ideas. With the world at a standstill this is a great way to get the kids moving.

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