Incredible Program for Kids to Learn Art Skills

I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

If you want your homeschooled kids to get a quality art education, but also know this is an area you personally lack in (aka me!), I am so excited to share this review with you today! Anyone who has followed this blog for some time knows how important creativity is to me, so naturally that is a big part of our homeschooling as well. This program allows your kids to experience art with the help of a truly talented artist.

While I love letting my kids explore and come up with their own creations much of the time, I think there’s so much value in learning real art techniques that artists have used in the past. It’s also an awesome hands-on way to learn about the specific periods of history in which they were used! Creating a Masterpiece by Sharon Hofer is an online program that does just that.

Creating a Masterpiece

Through an online subscription, your kids (and you) get access to personal art lessons right in your home. There are step-by-step video tutorials for over 100 pieces of art. You can see pictures of what my five-year-old created below and for being one of her first times following close instructions for an art project, I’m super proud of her!

While my focus is primarily on teaching my children, I have to say that I’m really excited to work on my own art skills through this program. Each lesson is divided into lessons that make it easier for even non artistic people to follow. Sharon provides all the knowledge needed- you only need to provide the art supplies!

With Creating a Masterpiece, your family can create your own art using acrylic, colored marker or pencil, faux stained glass, glass etching or mosaic, ink, mixed media, oil painting or pastels, charcoal, sculpture, watercolor, woodburning, and MORE! We chose to ease into our art lessons with a medium my daughter is already familiar with, acrylic painting. But I can’t wait for us to try some listed that I’m not familiar with, such as glass etching!

Art History Programs

As if these lessons weren’t great enough on their own, Sharon developed a specific art history program to go alongside other art history curriculums. You can teach about a period of history and then complete an art project that’s reflective of that time!

We chose to start with a project on Cubism from the Styles of Art in History program. There were so many amazing ones to choose from, but I wanted to start with something easier for my five-year-old. We were not disappointed!

Through Sharon’s easy-to-follow instructions, my daughter was able to create her first cubism period artwork. It was so fun to watch, too! I just set her up with the supplies, and the instructional videos did the rest. While it still of course looks like a five-year-old did it, I was so impressed with how well my daughter was able to follow each instruction given and stay focused on the lesson. 

This was a great project for us to start with since it used simple lines and colors. The shading was a bit more of a challenge, so I look forward to seeing her work on those skills! It was also helpful to pause videos for her to take her time rather than trying to keep up. 

Art is such an important part of our children’s education. If you are looking for a program to help your kids in this area, I highly recommend Create a Masterpiece. We have been so happy with it and can’t wait to continue using it to grow artistically in the future. 

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