Hands-On Way to Teach History to Kids

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Many of us already know that kids learn best through hands-on activities. But some subjects just seem innately more hands-OFF than others, right? History, for one, can appear to mainly consist of sharing facts and checking the map to see where in the world an event happened. If you’re looking for a way to bring history to life for your kids, read on for our experience with Figures In Motion.

Figures In Motion offer a series of books that give a unique learning experience. Based on different periods in time, these books include paper dolls of various historical figures to be cut out and fastened together. How cool is that? 

Hands On activity to help teach history for homeschoolers | thegrowingcreatives.com

We were able to try out their Famous Figures of the Middle Ages & Renaissance book, which has been such a fun additive to our lessons. From Christopher Columbus to William Shakespeare, we have 21 paper dolls ready to be put together and played with. Each doll has one version where they are already colored, and another just outlined for the kids to color themselves. That one is also helpful if you have multiple kids and want to make future copies for them when they get to those lessons!

Adding Creative Play to Learning

Creativity is one of the most important things I think we can encourage in our kids. That’s why I love finding ways to teach them that will inspire that. These paper dolls from Figures In Motion couldn’t be more perfect for that! As you teach your kiddos facts about these different historical figures, they can act out scenes or imagine the setting for the various events they’re learning about. 

Hands On activity to help teach history for homeschoolers | thegrowingcreatives.com

For our lessons, we chose to focus on Martin Luther. This wasn’t exactly where we were at in our school studies, but I’ve been spending a lot of time personally studying about church history and the Reformation lately. Kids, of course, take notice of everything. So it was really cool to teach her about something she had been seeing me learn about! She absolutely loved hearing all about Martin Luther while dancing the paper doll around.

Hands-On Learning Helps Memory

Another really great aspect of this hands-on method to teaching history is how well it reinforces memory. Kids all thrive with different methods of learning, but most kids do better when something is hands-on. Much of our learning is done through reading interesting stories together, which my kids do very well at remembering, but having physical dolls to hold will be that much more effective.

Hands On activity to help teach history for homeschoolers | thegrowingcreatives.com

Having something tangible that they can play with helps to create memories that will stick. They might remember an interesting book, but they’ll definitely remember the historical figure they made dance on the table. In our case, Martin Luther may or may not have taken a ride in one of our fire truck toys, haha.

Figures In Motion put a face to the stories their hearing and allow it to become more real. Rather than just reading about the Reformation, we were able to make a pretend 95 Theses. Then we had our Martin Luther doll stick them to a door. These types of interactive activities will be way easier to remember!

To check out some of the other books offered and enter a giveaway, head over to the Homeschool Review Crew for more!

Hands On activity to help teach history for homeschoolers | thegrowingcreatives.com

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