Gigantic List of Science Experiments

Keeping kids entertained can be a full-time job! I definitely think they should be allowed to be bored at times to spark creativity– but we still have our work cut out for us filling the rest of the day with productive activities. To help with that, I’ve compiled a huge list of science experiments for kids!

Science experiments are a major win-win in my opinion. Most kids LOVE seeing the cool reactions that occur, and they don’t even mind that they’re learning too! Haha.

Since many are homeschooling at the moment, this can be a perfect way to add some educational fun to the day. And many of these activities incorporate other STEM skills as well!

You’ll find over 125 science experiments to keep those kiddos busy for the rest of the school year and summer! They’re broken into groups based on the type of experiment to make it easier to search through. And you probably have many of the ingredients/materials already!

Over 125 Science Experiments for kids |

Most of these experiments are easy to complete and can be enjoyed by a range of ages. The more difficult ones have an asterisk (*) to indicate that they are better suited for older kids, or would require you to be very involved for the youngins. Everyone likes a good challenge, right?


Every good science experiment makes us think about how and why it resulted the way it did. Add some extra learning to your activities by using the Scientific Method printable below!

Sign up at the bottom of this post to get a Scientific Method printable sent to your email! Print one out for each experiment. It will help your kids think more critically about what they’re doing, learn more about cause and effect, and give them a way to look back on all the cool stuff they did! 

Be sure to wear safety goggles, gloves, and BE CAREFUL with some of these ideas. An adult should definitely be present for any involving fire. Ok you little mad scientists– get to experimentin’! 


Mad Scientist Brew

Chemical Reaction that Gives Off Heat*

Make Green Pennies

Exploring Physical vs. Chemical Reactions

The Science Behind Edible Glass*

Electric Eels

Make Green Eggs*

Steel Wool and Vinegar Experiment

Melting Ice Experiment

Spooky Expanding Ghost

Explore How Fire Reacts to Different Chemicals or Elements*

Cloud in a Bottle

Make Your Own Geodes

Green Fire Experiment*

Making Hot Ice*

Making Plastic with Gelatin*

Foaming Rainbow

Can You Get Ice to Burn?*

Candle Seesaw*

How to Make a Bouncy Ball

Air Pressure Drink Dispenser

Snow Volcano

Lava Lamp Bottles

DIY Elephant Toothpaste

Mini Pumpkin Volcano

Exploring Matter

Steel Wool and 9 Volt Battery Experiment*


Make your own catapult

Testing Foundations: How Buildings Work

Make a Bubble Blower*

Hovercraft Science Experiment

Heart Pump Model*

Build a Weather Vane

Build a Wind Turbine

Sink or Swim Boat

Homemade Marble Runs

Build a Hydraulic Elevator*

Scrub Brush Robot*

Popsicle Stick Chain Reaction*

Make Your Own Water Compass*

Grape Sculptures

STEM Paper Airplane Challenge

How to Make a Potato Battery*

Funicular Trains: DIY Pulley System*

Solar System Planet Model*

DIY Sun Dial

How to Make a Bottle Rocket*


Plants + Sunlight Experiment

Blood Cell Membrane Experiment*

Cheese Powder Pollination Activity

Make a Cloud in a Jar

Edible Butterfly Life Cycle

How Sharks Float

Water Cycle in a Bottle

Why Do Birds Fly in a “V”

Spinach Photosynthesis Demonstration*

How Do Folded Mountains Form?

Explore How Cats’ Eyes Glow

Earthquake Simulation

Erosion vs. Weathering

Why Does Water Rise?*

Light Refraction Experiment

Backyard Animal Tracking Station

How Do Fish Breathe?

Rain Cloud in a Jar

How Do Plants Breathe?

Acid Test for Rocks + Minerals*

How the Stomach Digests Food

Teaching About Tooth Decay

Why Do Pinecones Open?

Exploring Ocean Layers

Why Are Sunsets Orange?

Build Your Own Wormery*

How to See Sound*

The Science of Making Mummies*

Bending Water

Make a Tornado in a Bottle

How Does Bile Break Down Fat?

Homemade Spectroscope*

How Do Polar Animals Stay Warm?


Magic Milk Experiment

Fake Snot Edible Slime

Make Orange Soda*

Glow in the Dark Jello

Skittles Unicorn

How to Extract Strawberry DNA*

Making Raisins

Ice Cream in a Bag

Erupting Lemon Volcano

Homemade Marshmallows*

Edible Pitri Dish Bacteria*

Make Your Own Rock Candy

Disappearing Egg Shell

Candy Chromatography*

Plastic Milk Science Experiment*

Homemade Fruit Gummies

Purple Cabbage pH Experiment*

Turbulence Explained with Jello

The Biology of Yogurt

Turn Juice into a Solid

Cookie Dough Experiment

Runaway Pepper

Cleaning Pennies with Ketchup

Prevent Apple Browning

DIY Solar Oven S’mores*

How to Make Curds and Whey

Oreo Cookie Moon Phases

Earth Core Sample with a Cupcake


Floating Egg Experiment

Quicksand Sink or Float Experiment

Film Canister Launcher*

How Water Pressure Changes with Depth

Mixing Order: Water and Oil

Car Ziploc Bag Experiment

Density Divers*

Soda Can Air Pressure Experiment*

Ocean Life Density Experiment

Egg in a Bottle

Boyle’s Law Marshmallow Experiment*

Heat Conduction Experiment*

Balloon in a Bottle*

Closed System Science Experiment

Anti-Gravity Ping Pong Ball*


How to Make a Barometer*

Match Levitation*

All of these amazing science experiments will help your kiddos learn in the most fun way. I know my kids are excited to check off each one on this list that we haven’t done yet! Well, I’m pretty excited about it too 🙂

Don’t forget to download your Scientific Method printable to fill out before each experiment! In case you’ve been out of high school for awhile (like me), here’s a quick refresher on the steps involved:

1. Make an observation. 2. Ask a question. 3: Form a hypothesis. 4: Perform an experiment. 5: Record your results. 6: Draw a conclusion.

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Over 125 Science Experiments for kids |



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Over 125 Science Experiments for kids |


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  1. This is an exhaustive list of interesting science experiments to do at home. My son and I have been using experiments to drive his learning and this will help as I decide which experiments to do next.

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