Garden Bible Verse Memory Craft

This garden activity is a great way to share Scripture with your children. It’s fun, engaging, and will help them with memory work! Your kids will love this garden-themed bible verse craft to plant God’s Word in their heart!

I have been trying to work on memory verses with my kiddos, but admittedly, I’m not the most consistent with it. They are moving right along their catechism memory, but I can’t seem to stick to a schedule with actual verses! So I thought making a fun craft/activity out of it would motivate all of us.

They have been faithfully helping me tend to our new garden, so a garden theme seemed perfect. Using themes that are relevant to a child’s life always helps with memorizing. It’s an easy craft for your kids to put together, and the activity that follows can be done over and over again! 

Garden Bible Verse Memory Craft |

This garden craft is simple and will have your kiddo reciting bible verses in no time! Here’s how to make it.

Garden Themed Bible Verse Craft

What you’ll need:

  • Bible verse printables below (scroll down!)
  • Poster board
  • Scissors
  • Stapler or tape

1. Get the bible verse printables ready

The first thing you’ll want to do is get all the printables ready. I have a pack of them below you can download to make this a super simple activity. There are also blank ones included to write in whatever bible verse you like! 

Garden Bible Verse Memory Craft |

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I know I personally don’t like crafts that involve me spending a lot of time cutting little shapes out, so to save time I made them all into rectangles with the images on them. Still works just as well, and it’ll save you half the time!

2. Attach pot printables to poster board

Take the plant pots and staple or tape the two sides and bottom. This leaves a pocket at the top for the bible verse cards to go into. Make sure they are spaced out enough for the carrot tops to fit in each pocket without overlapping!

3. Decorate and get memorizin’!

Decorate the poster board however you want! I chose to write “planting God’s Word in our hearts” on it and draw some garden-y images. If you plan on using it for awhile, like we are, then it’s fun to have some cute decorations!

Garden Bible Verse Memory Craft |

That is all the setup needed, and now you can sort through the bible verse prints to match up! Starting out, your kiddo can pick out verse cards at random to read. As they practice, have them look at the Scripture reference on the pots and recite them from memory before pulling out the carrot to check! 

This has been such a fun (and EASY) way to encourage Scripture memorization with my kids. And with spring right around the corner, a garden-themed bible verse memory board is the perfect tool to keep kids excited about learning. Stay tuned for another variation on this idea coming next week! 

Get your Bible Verse Garden Printables here!

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Garden Bible Verse Memory Craft |

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