Game to Teach Your Child to Read With Ease

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At five, my daughter is a huge book lover already. She will happily sit and look at her books or be read to all day long. So when I tried to teach her how to read, albeit on the earlier side, I was surprised that she wasn’t diving right in to it.

I expected her to look forward to the lessons each day and enjoy a new skill related to what she already loved. Instead, she would get distracted and antsy until the lesson was over. The beauty of homeschooling is realizing a particular learning style isn’t working for your kid, right? So we took a new approach!

An Easy Way to Teach Reading

When we started to try out The Reading Game, 2nd Edition by Allsaid & Duun, LLC, I was hopeful but kept the previous months of pushback in mind. To say I was delighted by our results is a huge understatement! The ground we covered in a short time after struggling for months felt downright amazing. 

An Easy way to teach your kids to read |

The great thing about these reading lessons is that they’re made into a game, and what kid doesn’t love games? Many already know that frequent exposure to words by being read to helps kids to become familiar with letters and sounds. The Reading Game helps to encourage that by honing in on common sight words to build a literary foundation.

Much more interesting than typical flashcards, The Reading Game takes these common sight words and turns them into a story! Starting out very basic, the stories get more advanced as you go. This allows your child to keep learning more sounds easily!

How to Play The Reading Game

Here’s a quick rundown on this game can teach your kiddo to read:

An Easy way to teach your kids to read |

The main part of the game is simply a memory game, which is perfect because kids love memory games! There are six levels for each story series. Each level introduces five new basic words for your child to memorize. As you play through level one until they have a firm grasp on those words, you then move on to level two, and so on.

Once they’ve worked through two sets of cards, they put those words into simple sentences using flash cards. Once all six sets are completed for a series, they put it together to practice reading an entire book! It’s an easy and effective way to work through word memorization slowly, and then apply it to a real story.

An Easy way to teach your kids to read |

The Reading Game has been super helpful for us because my daughter loves that sense of accomplishment from winning a game. Then to take was she was gradually learning and using that to read a short book on her own made her so proud of herself! And of course she was even more excited to continue at that point!

If you’re struggling to get your new-reader interested in, you know, *actually reading*, then check out The Reading Game. It’s an affordable option that appeals to your kidd1os playful side. It’s been wonderfully successful for us! 

If you want to try this out for your family, check out the giveaway over at the Homeschool Review Crew blog. They’re giving five games away for free!

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An Easy way to teach your kids to read |

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