5 Creative Water Games to Play Outside

We’ve been having some super hot days lately! The kind of days where all you can do is either stay inside with the A/C, or get in some cool water. For kids, water is a great way to get outside, stay cool, and have loads of fun!

To give you some ideas on how to make water play even more fun, today we have a guest post from Leslie at Super Mom Picks. She’s sharing her top five water games to play outside!

Are your kids stuck at home or tired of playing the same old toys inside the house? Do you want them to do something else besides playing with their tablet or iPad all day long? If yes, then we’ve put together a list of some creative games that you and your kids can play outside. 

Water games are not only fun for children but they can also help them develop their creative imagination. Playing outside also means you can get them to start moving, sweating, and exploring. Plus, they are a great way to keep kids away from video games without you yelling or them crying. 

Creative Water Games to Play Outside | thegrowingcreatives.com

With these games, you can get your kids out, enjoy the sun, and make some memories together. Just don’t forget to put on the sunscreen!

1. Water Gun Capture the Flag

What you need:

  • Water guns
  • Water balloons

What to do:

The goal of the game is to capture and pop the other team’s balloon.

To play this game, you must first have two teams. Each team will be given a water balloon to protect and hide. You can then use the water guns to shoot the other team and “Freeze” them.

Once “Frozen”, players are not allowed to move. However, if the “Frozen” players are on your team, you can shoot them again with your water gun to “Unfreeze” them.

This game allows your kids to think of ways on how to get the other team’s balloon. Moreover, it forces them to run and be physically active. 

2. Kiddie Pool Toe Diving

What you need:

What to do:

Fill the kiddie pool with water and put in the rings and other toys. 

To start the game, your kids must fish out as many toys from the kiddie pool as they can using their toes and feet only within a set time. Whoever gets the most wins!

This game is a simple activity that can help and improve your children’s motor skills. Plus, it’ll make them think of ways on how to use what they need to do to fish out the toys. 

3. Water Cup Race

What you need:

  • String
  • Plastic cups
  • Water guns
  • Tape

What to do:

Make a hole at the bottom of your plastic cups and insert the string through it (2 sets). Then, attach the end of the strings to posts or walls with tape to create straight lines. 

From one end of the string, move the cups by squirting it with your water gun. Whoever reaches the other end wins. 

With the water cup race, your kids will get creative on how to move the cup faster and also aim better. Plus, it’s a fun game to play outside with your family. 

4. Tipsy Waiter

What you need:

  • Plastic cups
  • Tray or something to hold the cups
  • Bucket

What to do:

This is a fun and silly game that your family will surely have a blast playing, especially during a hot summer day. Just fill the cups with water, put them on the tray, and lay it on the ground. Make sure that your kids can carry the tray and that it’s not too heavy for them. 

Each member of the team spins around (maybe 8 times) and picks up the trays. They will have to make their way to a certain point where their team’s bucket is waiting. 

Any water left from the cups is then dumped to their bucket and each member runs back while the next player takes a spin. 

The tray and cups are refilled and whichever team fills their bucket first is the winner. 

5. Water slide / Slip and Slide

What you need: 

  • A long tarp
  • Water hose
  • Tent stakes or garden staples
  • A bottle of shampoo

What to do:

Visit your local hardware store for a tarp or a heavy 6mil plastic. When choosing what size, remember that the amount of fun you and your children can have is directly proportional to the size of the tarp. But whatever you do, don’t buy thinner plastic as they tear easily.

Clear the site of rocks, sticks, or anything that may block or hurt your kids. Then, secure the tarp on the ground by staking the four corners down with garden staples or tent stakes. Just make sure to hammer them down to prevent accidental cuts. 

Put the water hose on top and let the water run across the slide until it’s soaked. Let your kids have a try and if their moving too slow just pour some shampoo over the tarp. 

Finally, go crazy!

Here’s a game that will surely make your kids laugh and giggle all day – because what kid doesn’t love slides, right? To make it more exciting, try to see who can slide down the furthest. While this game isn’t the most creative game on our list, it sure is a lot of fun. 

Now there you have it! These creative water games are perfect for any “boring” day, especially during summer.

They are a nice escape from the usual games your children play and they’re a nice way to beat the heat too. Plus, they are cool activities for family get-togethers, birthday parties, or when your kids are just looking for new ways to have fun under the sun. 

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Leslie is the “mom behind the keyboard” at Super Mom Picks, a parenting tips, ideas, and product reviews blog.  She is a full-time mom who has a passion for improving her family’s health, happiness, intellect, and overall quality of life experiences.


3 thoughts on “5 Creative Water Games to Play Outside

  1. Some great ideas here! I know our daughter will enjoy trying to shoot the cup along the line and the tipsy waiter! These are definitely going on our summer bucket list.

  2. Some great ideas, girl! I will remember these next time we go to the pool. Luckily we at least have a kiddie pool here to cool down on hot summer days!

  3. These are some awesome ideas! Already thinking of chatting with the neighborhood moms to organize an epic Capture the Water Balloon Battle!!!

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