Christmas Cards for Kids to Make

Today is National Christmas Card Day, and if you’ve followed along for a bit now you probably know I love celebrating little holidays with the kiddos! A lot of times they’re just fun reminders to do stuff we should or want to do anyway.

We don’t send Christmas cards to everyone each year, but I do love baking cookies to give out. This year I decided it would be fun to have the kids make some cards to put with the cookies! So I set off to the interwebs to find the best ideas for Christmas cards for kids to make.

12 Christmas Cards for Kids to Make |

I especially love doing little things like this for people who help us out all year round. The mail woman, garbage men, and UPS/FedEx delivery men make our lives so much better in ways that are often understated! It’s always a great time to be neighborly and give your neighbors some cookies as well.

We have the most thoughtful and helpful neighbors ever, so I love doing something nice for them in return! We also like to make some goodies for the kids’ grandparents since they are so helpful throughout the year. And what better way to personalize our appreciation cookies than with homemade cards from the kids! 

There are tons of adorable card options out there, but I narrowed it down to 12 ideas that seemed extra unique, creative, or just plain fun! We are sticking with my 12 Days of Christmas theme that I shared last week on our homemade ornaments. So this week is the 12 Days of Christmas Cards for kids to make!

1. Elf Handprint Christmas Card

Elf Handprint Christmas Card >>> 12 Christmas Cards for Kids to Make |

This one is an adorable way to use your little one’s handprint to make something special! Simple Everyday Mom shows easy step-by-step instructions for you and your preschooler to make this card.

2. Printable Christmas Cards for Kids to Color

Printable Christmas Cards for Kids to Color >>> 12 Christmas Cards for Kids to Make |

I love how simple this one is! Sunny Day Family made the cutest Christmas images for kids to color. All you have to do is print them out and let your little ones color to their heart’s content! We will definitely be using this for my 1.5 year old this year since he’s too young to follow along with anything more complicated.

3. Lego Christmas Cards for Kids to Make

Lego Christmas Cards >>> 12 Christmas Cards for Kids to Make |

I absolutely love this idea from Little Bins for Little Hands! Is there a kid out there who doesn’t love legos? What a fun idea to take a childhood favorite and use them to make art with! Not only is it super easy, but they leave some interesting marks behind too.

4. Christmas Pop-up Cards for Kids

Christmas Pop-up Cards >>> 12 Christmas Cards for Kids to Make |

Want to make a card that can double as massive entertainment for your kids once it’s done? Look no further than these DIY pop-up cards from Party With Unicorns. They give easy step-by-step instructions on how to transform some cardstock and cutout graphics into an amazing pop-up card! This one will definitely require adult assistance, but the end result will be so worth it.

5. Free hand Christmas Card Drawing

Free Hand Christmas Card Drawing >>> 12 Christmas Cards for Kids to Make |

This idea from Dukes & Duchesses is straight forward and yet still very special! Especially once our kids get a tiny bit older, it can be so sweet to give them an idea and see how they draw it! This one shows a little girl’s vision of a nativity scene, and it could not be sweeter!

6. Pasta & Macaroni Homemade Christmas Card

Pasta & Macaroni Homemade Christmas Card >>> 12 Christmas Cards for Kids to Make |

Crafts involving pasta noodles are so stinkin’ cute, right? I loved this one from Cenzerely Yours making a colorful and glittery Christmas tree. It makes the perfect little Christmas card! This post has a few other really great ideas so be sure to check it out.

7. Watercolor Paper Gift Tags

Watercolor Paper Gift Tags >>> 12 Christmas Cards for Kids to Make |

Watercolor can be such an effortless way to make beautiful art. While there are definitely more skilled ways to use it, I love that even a preschooler can blend colors together in an interesting way. That’s why this idea from All Things Mamma is so great for kiddos! Use her printables to make some one of a kind gift tags for loved ones.

8. Quilled Paper Christmas Tree Cards

Quilled Paper Christmas Tree Card >>> 12 Christmas Cards for Kids to Make |

Talk about a super unique and fun Christmas card for kids to make! The Flying Couponer shows out easy it can be for you and your kiddos to make these memorable tree cards for yourself! This is definitely one I will be trying with Lulu.

9. Confetti Christmas Card

Christmas Confetti Card >>> 12 Christmas Cards for Kids to Make |

Here’s another creative idea from Party With Unicorns. They show you how to take a regular Christmas card and turn it into a party in an envelope! Kiddos get such a kick out of confetti, I’m sure any kid would love making this card.

10. Washi Tape Christmas Tree Cards

Washi Tape Christmas Tree Cards >>> 12 Christmas Cards for Kids to Make |

About A Mom came up with this fun and festive idea to make Christmas trees using varying lengths of washi tape. I love how you can use a bunch of different patterned tapes to make a unique design! This is definitely easy enough for a toddler or preschooler to do.

11. Crayon Resist Art Christmas Cards

Crayon Resist Art Christmas Cards >>> 12 Christmas Cards for Kids to Make |

It was so fun learning about resist art in this post from Our Family Code! They show different techniques to make certain elements of the card pop out more than others, which I find so cool. This is not only a great Christmas card for kids to make, but an awesome STEAM activity as well!

12. Christmas Handprint Cards

Closing out this round up with more ideas for handprint cards! Crafts that involve handprints are such sweet ways to remember how little your littles were when you look back years from now. The Best Ideas for Kids shows ways to use handprints to make a reindeer or Santa! Cute, easy, and a cherished keepsake.

We’re looking forward to putting these creative ideas to use this week as we bake cookies to give away! I’m thankful to have kiddos that love making gifts to give others. It’s always so special to see their excitement with this sort of thing. Does your family do anything like this to spread holiday cheer? I’d love to hear about your traditions in the comments below!


12 thoughts on “Christmas Cards for Kids to Make

  1. These cards are all super creative! I LOVE the handprint ones! My boys are a little young for these, but as soon as they’re old enough these will be great crafts for the for the Christmas season!

  2. Okay, so those elf handprint and reindeer handprint cards are THE cutest! Handprint crafts are always my favorite because if you keep them, you realize how little those hands used to be. I really need to get on the craft train with my boys!

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