Build Your Own Ice Cream Craft

This week’s guest post shows you how to make an adorable ice cream craft with your kiddos. It’s easy, a little messy, and so fun– all the makings of a great kids craft! Crystal from Kid Friendly New England shows us the steps her and her kids followed to build their own ice cream craft!

One of the aspects I especially love about this is how it engages different skills. What may seem like just a little craft to us, is actually jam-packed with ways for our kids to develop! This covers fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, following a specific order, and of course imagination!

Let’s jump right in to the steps that went into making this cute ice cream craft:

Step 1

First we made the colored swirly paper that serves as the base of the ice cream. To do so, we squirted shaving cream onto a cookie sheet and dropped several drops of food coloring on it. We swirled the color around with a utensil and then placed a sheet of card stock paper flush on top of it, ensuring the entire sheet got some shaving cream on it.

I found that white paper really enhanced the swirls of color but a light-colored paper would also be fine. This is also a way to teach mixing colors if you want to.  

Step 2

Next, we flipped it over and let it dry. It looks so beautiful when you lift it off the shaving cream!

Once the sheet is mostly dried and you have residual foam from the shaving cream, you can scrape it off with the flat part of a stiff card. You can let it dry and continue once it is no longer wet.

I usually let this dry over night and make this a 2-day project but it’s up to you. You can skip this part if you aren’t into the “mess” that comes with it and just use colored paper. I think it looks so nice though and like real swirled ice cream!

Step 3

I made an ice cream scoop stencil hand drawn out of cardboard just to have something symmetrical. I then had the kids trace it with a pencil and cut it out. We made several so we could stack the “flavors” of ice cream.

Step 4

Next we used colored scrap papers and hole puncher to make “sprinkles” to place on the scoops. I also cut out brown triangles for the cones and used a ruler to make a cross crossed pattern on them.

Step 5

Next, the kids glued everything to a plain card stock paper assembling the ice cream cones. We didn’t do math, but you do have the opportunity to teach some math with the sprinkles or the ice cream scoops, so that is a learning activity too! 

Once everything was glued down, we used a red dot marker and red fine tip marker to top our cones off with cherries! They came out so pretty.

The kids used so many skills to make these beautiful cones such as scissor skills, tracing, and fine motor with hole-punching and gluing.  They are also learning sequences because they had to do everything in a particular order to make sure the cones came out great.  They liked to name the flavors too based on the colors!

I hope you enjoy this craft.  Let me know if you try it and how it came out.  Enjoy! 

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Crystal is a mom of 2 young kids: Jewel, her daughter who is 5 and Jamison her son who is 3. They love exploring various activities throughout New England and sharing their experiences. Their interests include but are not limited to: nature ( plants and animals ) as well as hiking and all things outdoors, science, crafts, cooking, learning, play, physical fitness including dance and swim and just plain laughter– they love to laugh and be silly.

She hopes to inspire ideas with these activities so you can also make life-lasting memories with your children. Check out her blog Kid Friendly New England.


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