Book Review: Pursued to Eternity

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The evolution versus Creation debate is something that has been ongoing for hundreds of years. For those of us who believe in the Biblical account, we ascribe to the view that there is a Creator. The creation of the world is a topic that most find interesting to one degree or another, myself included. So when I was given the chance to review John Riley’s latest book Pursued to Eternity, I was quite intrigued!

Pursued to Eternity

This book is overall a fictional story with much of the content rooted in truth. Riley tells the overarching story of two brothers who make an incredible discovery in Africa. One brother, Connor, is already a Christian and the other, Alan, is  an atheist who is “pursued” by God as he comes face to face with truth.

Surrounding that story in an even bigger one– the actual account of creation according to the Bible. In order to support Connor’s belief that Creationism is factual, Riley includes a real timeline of events as can be found in Scripture. It was such a fun blend of educational and entertaining!

One part of the story I really enjoyed was when Connor, who is a biology teacher at the start of the book, encourages his students to ask questions regarding evolution. The students then took it upon themselves to create a website for people to question evolution. Included in the book are 68 truly thoughtful questions that our society could learn a lot from considering.

Easy to Read Aloud for the Whole Family

This book is fairly quick and easy to read at only 151 pages. But it still manages to be jam-packed with valuable information and a satisfying storyline. I love to read aloud to my kids, especially faith-based literature, so they listened to this story as well. It was an amazing discussion-starter for us to dive in deeper about why we believe in Creation and a Creator. 

John Riley clearly has a passion for the truth behind our world’s beginning. In addition to this book, he also wrote a course on Creation versus evolution that can be found on the SchoolhouseTeachers website. It’s clear that he knew what he was talking about when writing this book! 

Overall, I definitely recommend others to check out Pursued to Eternity. It outlines the way that God has been present and active in our lives from the beginning of time. It also shows a great fictional story of two brothers on their separate journeys that ultimately lead to the same wonderful place. I found this book to really be an easy and enjoyable read! 

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