Bible Verse Easter Egg Craft for Kids

It may only be February, but Easter will be here before we know it! With a new baby arriving any day now, I’ve tried to get as much done ahead of time as possible. That includes this bible verse Easter craft that my little ones and I made this week!

I will admit, Easter is one of the holidays I decorate the least for. In fact, aside from whatever crafts the kids and I make, I don’t really decorate at all. Which is strange considering the meaning behind it makes it the BEST holiday we could celebrate!

My 4-year-old has really gotten into learning about Jesus this past year, and I love it. She has a few special bibles, loves going to kids’ church, and is always asking me questions about God. One of the sweetest things ever is to listen to her pray.

For our craft this year, I wanted to focus on the reason behind the holiday. So, we made some bible verse Easter eggs! These little eggs were such an easy paper craft, so we were able to make a bunch of them.

You can make this bible verse Easter craft with nothing more than some computer paper and crayons/markers if that’s all you have on hand! I love when crafts are simple enough that they can be done on a whim, without much prep.

If you can get to the store first, we did use paper plates for the eggs to make them a bit more sturdy. Beyond that, your kiddos can decorate the eggs however they want! And of course you’ll want to write out a bible verse and attach it to the back.

Here is what we used for this craft:

  • Paper plates – I used pink and yellow. Any color will work, but to make it more Easter-y I suggest sticking to pastels. Alternative options are construction, computer, or foam paper
  • Decorative materials – we painted ours and glued gems on. Markers may not work as well on the plates or foam paper, but if you use construction or computer paper they have more options!
  • White paper – construction or computer paper. I think computer paper looks neater since it’s a purer white, but either will do! Just something easy for your to write on and that will fold well
  • Glue, writing utensils, scissors
  • Egg and Bible Verse printable below

How to make the egg crafts:

1. Cut out eggs

First we need to cut the eggs out. Eggs are one of those shapes that are juuuust odd enough to be difficult to freehand haha. So I’ve included an outline below that you can print out as a template. Or be like me and hold paper up to the computer screen to outline…. but I’m pretty sure it’s not a good thing that I do that lol.

2. Paint or draw on the eggs

Once you have your eggs, let the kiddos go crazy with painting or drawing on them! I put some painters tape down on J’s for him to paint around. This would also be a cool activity to make some marbled shaving cream to color the eggs with!

3. Add any extra decorative touches

After the paint or markers have dried, add any other decorative touches if desired. Lulu is adamant that she has to do everything the “fancy” way, so naturally we had to add some gems to them. Once everything is dried– the egg part of your craft is just about complete!

4. Zigzag cut egg in half

Now to add our pop out bible verses. First I drew a zigzag across the back of the eggs and cut across it so that the egg was in two pieces. Then I could measure the width and length that worked best between the halves!

5. Measure and glue down white paper

For the length, I wanted about 6 inches between the egg pieces to have room for a verse, and then added about an inch. That gave us a half-inch on either side to fold outward and glue down to keep it securely attached to the eggs.

6. Bring eggs together and fold paper

Once the glue is dry, face the decorated egg side down with the white paper on top. Bring the eggs together to make a whole one again.

I don’t have any fancy technique here, I pretty much just tried my best to fold the paper down flat as straight as possible. It does seem to help if you initially flatten it in the middle and work your way outward.

7. Press folded paper to lay flat

Make sure the folds are pressed very well to help the eggs lay as flat as possible. They probably won’t lay totally flat, but that’s ok! If you’re really motivated you could even put them under a book for a little while to flatten out more.

8. Write or glue in bible verses

Best part for last on this one! Flip the eggs over and open them up. In the space available on the white paper, write in whichever bible verse you’re using. The printable I’ve included below has some popular Easter verses.

Get your printables here!

But also! I sized the printable to match the 5-6 inches of open space used for ours. So if you followed along with those sizes, feel free to print/cut them out and glue them on (or let the kids glue them on) for an easy finish.

We have been so happy with our bible verse Easter craft, and I hope your littles love them as well! I was glad we used the paper plates, because Lulu and J are both constantly asking me to read them the verses inside. I love that it was not only a fun craft to do together, but it’s continued to peak their interest in hearing the Word.

Now that we’ve completed our Easter craft, all that’s left is to wait ’til the actual holiday so we can do our Easter Scavenger Hunt! I think J will be old enough this year to take part so that’ll be a lot of fun 🙂 aaaaand we will likely do at least one more holiday craft in the mean time haha.

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