Apple Themed Five Senses Activity

Teaching your kindergartener or preschooler about the five senses can be so much fun! Everything around them is observed in one way or another by their senses. This time of year, a great subject to learn the senses with is apples!

We experience our five senses all day, everyday, but our students may not be able to pinpoint which experiences line up with each sense. It can be a lot of fun to search around our surroundings for different items/experiences/sensations that apply to our different senses. But something extra helpful is to take one particular subject and see how we can observe it in all five ways!

Apple Five senses activity |

Printable Apple Book to Explore the Five Senses

For part of our apple unit, we decided to study the five senses using apples. To do so, we collected some apples and printed out a handy little apple book to fill out. You can find this free printable apple book on the five senses below. Just download and print to get started!

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After printing out the book, cut along the dotted lines to end up with six smaller pages including a cover and one page for each sense. Put the pages together and staple them along the left side. Now your kiddo has their very own book to study the five senses with their apples!

Using your Apple Book

Now the fun part! Your student can place the apple in front of them and test it out in different ways. Take a few bites, have an adult cut it up, roll it around, drop it down onto the table, and so on. Let them really experience as many sensations as possible with the apples! Then take out the apple book to go over together.

Apple Five senses activity |

On each page, you’ll find a different sense in dotted lettering. This is a great time for them to practice writing. Then for the next section, help them to consider the different sensations they noticed when playing with or eating the apple. How did is smell, taste, sound, feel, and look? 

There are some suggestions written at the bottom, but give them a chance to think of their own words first. They may need some help getting started and not mixing each of the senses up! It is such a helpful way to learn by having the apples right in front of them to touch, see, smell, look, and hear them as your kindergartener considers which sense is which.

We had a lot of fun exploring the five senses with this apple lesson! It’s great to add to a larger apple unit, or use on it’s own after a family trip apple picking. Finding hands-on ways to keep your kindergartener or first grader engaged is always a great way to make learning fun!

***Download your Apple-Themed Five Senses Printable here***

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Apple Five senses activity |

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