5 Outdoor Activities for Winter

Winter always feels neverending when we’re in the midst of it, don’t you agree? I probably always say this, but this year has felt especially cold and blizzardy. Plus I always get hit with that Seasonal Affect Disorder if I don’t keep myself busy which doesn’t help.

It’s too tempting to just stay inside and mosey around but then I find myself feeling super unmotivated to do anything. But it is so worth it to push through and do some outdoor activities for winter!

One of my favorite ways to fight off the winter blues is to get outside and adventure with my kids. Sometimes it feels like it isn’t worth the effort to get everyone ready for the cold outdoors, but it really is!

Once you’re out there, your kids are bound to find something fun to get into (even if that means getting messy in the slush and mud). It’s a great way to break up the long days, and if you have a game plan before heading out, then even better! Just make sure to have the hot cocoa ready for warming up afterwards 🙂

Here are some fun outdoor activities to do in the winter with your kids.

1. Make a Snow Sculpture That Isn’t a Snowman

5 Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids: Building Snow Sculptures | thegrowingcreatives.com
Pucker up, Frosty!

Break out the sand toys and make an awesome snow castle. Or you can even use some smaller boxes to pack with snow and build with like bricks! Even if you do go with a snowman, there’s so many fun ideas outside of a classic Frosty.

Last year my mother-in-law made a snowman for Lulu, but had him on one knee with his hand out filled with bird seed. My daughter loved it and it was such a cute twist on your typical snowman. Kids love to build and will have a blast no matter what the final creation looks like!

2. Bring Indoor Toys Outside

5 Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids: Car Ramp | thegrowingcreatives.com

Pat down some snow and play with cars and trucks on it. If the snow is heavy enough, you could make a ramp for the cars to slide down. If not, bring a ramp out, or any other long and narrow item you can find lying around.

Pictured is just a piece of wood I found in our garage. If you have dump trucks, kiddos will love filling it up with snow and dumping it into a pile! If you’re worried about the toys coming back inside muddy, bring them into the bath later for a “car wash”.

3. Go Exploring on a Walk

5 Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids: Nature Walk | thegrowingcreatives.com
Inspector Lulu inspecting the bunny prints in our backyard

Look for any animal prints you can find in the snow. We have a dead-end nearby with fields and woods all around to check out, but even in busier neighborhoods you’ll be sure to find some squirrel or dog prints.

Another fun idea on your walk is to collect stuff along the way. Rocks, sticks, pinecones. Then when you get home you can use those items to make some art! Set everything up in a fun way outside, or dry them off and bring inside for a craft!

4. Make a Snow Volcano

5 Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids: Snow Volcano | thegrowingcreatives.com

Here’s a fun one for your science-lovers! The baking soda and vinegar mix is so simple yet never seems to fail at amazing children.

5 Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids: Snow Volcano | thegrowingcreatives.com

All you have to do is take a cup and pack snow all around it with the sides sloping down like a volcano. Put some baking soda and food coloring in the cup. Add vinegar and BAM- a snowy volcanic eruption!

Try it with different food colorings, as your children will likely want to do it a bunch of times! You can also add an element of pretend play by bringing out little people figurines to “melt” in the lava.

5. Shoot Snowball Targets with Nerf Guns

5 Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids: nerf gun targets | thegrowingcreatives.com
I have a feeling we’ll be here awhile

Make a mountain of snowballs and try to knock them over by shooting them with nerf guns! Ours aren’t super powerful but our daughter had a blast trying to get the snowballs to fall.

Having a larger pile makes it easier for young kids with bad aim to have a chance to really hit them! It also helps make the pile topple over more easily. After your done, look for any snowballs that survived and take cover for a snowball fight!!

There are tons of fun ideas for outdoor activities to do in the winter but the main point is GET OUTSIDE! I am definitely not in the camp of making sure my kids go outside every day (rainy or windy? No thanks) but it is important to get out there every once in awhile.

It’s good for the kids and it’s good for US to keep from going stir crazy. At least that’s what I keep telling myself when I feel like staying inside all the time haha! If you just can’t get yourself pumped about being outdoors when it’s cold, check out my post on 5 indoor activities for wintertime.

What about you? Do you try to get outside in the colder months or do you hibernate til Spring?

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5 Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids | thegrowingcreatives.com

41 thoughts on “5 Outdoor Activities for Winter

    1. Haha actually I have an idea for the wind! Tie a sheet to wrists and ankles. Catch the wind in the sheet and they become a human sail 😊 and for fog… hide and seek?? 😂

  1. Winters can be long dark and boring if you don`t know what to do with kids. We are an outdoorsy family and I`m always looking for new winter activity so I really appreciate your post. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. So glad you enjoyed it! We are pretty outdoorsy ourselves so if I don’t find ways to get outside in the winter I get moody lol!

  2. I would love to be able to play outside with my kids in the winter, but I have some health problems that don’t do so well with the cold. This is a great list though.

  3. Snow Volcano captured my attention, In Dubai we dont have snow but i need to try this when we go at a place where it snows.

  4. Those were really great activities. It is always fun to have quality time with your kids even in this cold weather 🙂

  5. I never had a chance to have an outdoor activity with the fam. But this sounds like a great idea. And it will give me more time together with my fam 😉

  6. These all look like so much fun! My toddler hasn’t really played in snow yet because we live in a warmer climate. I hope he gets that experience soon.

  7. These are such fun ideas! I’m in Minnesota and we’re getting hit with another snowstorm today, with estimates in the 6-10″ range. Ick! Thankfully it’ll be warmer so we can get outside and enjoy it – my toddler will LOVE some of these!

  8. Thumbs up for these awesome and brilliant idea that we can do outside the snow. I think kids will really enjoy that.

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