Summer Imagination Bucket List

Summer Imagination Bucket List

We are already nearly half-way through a busy summer season, wow! If your creativity is waning and you’re running out of ideas to keep those kiddos busy, I am here to help. You’ve heard of normal summer bucket lists, but today we’re going to make a summer IMAGINATION bucket list. Let’s do it!

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Summer is the perfect time for creative fun, but sometimes it can feel long! Whether you’ve been having a busy or laid back season, keeping those imaginations tuned up is important. So if the days are getting a little under-stimulated, or if you need a break from the “all work and no play” busyness, this bucket list is for you.

The Bucket List

Below you’ll find 14 unique ideas to challenge yourselves with. Each activity is meant to work your child’s creativity muscles, so let them take it in whatever direction inspires them! Try to complete each bucket list item as it’s listed, or use it as a spring board to come up with your own fun activities.

Anther option is to turn this into a friendly family competition! Each participant does their own task, or you can pair up for larger families. One family member can judge the rest, or have a timer to see who finishes first, or just simply enjoy the different interpretations and ideas that can come from one household!

The Summer Imagination Bucket List

  1. Build a scene out of Legos
  2. Find different objects around the house or yard and make music with them
  3. Make a robot out of cereal boxes, toilet paper rolls, or any other recyclables you can find
  4. Write a story where each person takes turns writing the next sentence
  5. Build the biggest and most elaborate blanket fort
  6. Cut a ton of shapes out of construction paper and make a picture out of them
  7. Build a “house of cards”
  8. Make a detailed treasure map of your house and/or backyard. Then bury some treasure and give the map to someone to follow!
  9. Find old clothes and re-purpose them somehow
  10. Make a “helmet” for an egg and try to keep it intact when dropped from a high spot
  11. Draw another family member
  12. Build a fancy birdhouse using any materials you can find on hand
  13. Make food art (you can make food that looks aesthetically pleasing, plate the food creatively, make a picture out of your food, or use your food to paint with!)
  14. Get outside and find some items around the yard to dip in paint and use as stamps

Get your Summer Imagination Bucket List printable here!

If you want an easy way to keep track of the different activities, download this printable with them all on it. You can cross them off as you go! How many items do you think your family can cross off their Summer Imagination Bucket List before school starts up again?

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    1. Right? Haha this was originally meant as just a fun activity for the initial 2 weeks to slow to spread but now I think people could use a challenge like this even more after being home so long!

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